Sisters nass' is set to feature four leftover women in 'bar' love apartments

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Linkeddb News October 12Women are playing a more and more important role in various fields today, when equality between men and women has become the human consensus. They have ideals and careers, and pursue freedom and independence. They are young and fashionable, enjoying taste and life; They are positive, optimistic, and understand beauty and life. In recent years, there have been a lot of TV series about women in China, such as Pink girl ', 'I want to be in love' and the latest hit ' KankinoUta "And so on. From these TV series, we can see a clear image of female characters, who represent a variety of different types of female groups, inspiring women's life philosophy and lifestyle today. In addition, there is such a drama, intended to create a popular female theme comedy work, with a more humorous and intelligent way, more exquisite language burden and plot design to show the good character and colorful life content of contemporary women.

"Nice" theater

By Chinese and foreign celebrity culture media co., LTD. In Beijing, Chinese and foreign celebrities wonderful film media such as lotus (tianjin) co., LTD. (Shanghai HuaLing asset management co., LTD., icbc wealth fund management co., LTD., guava interactive (Beijing) culture media co., LTD., joint production, guava interactive (Beijing) culture media co., LTD. Exclusive network of dispersing pertains comedy "the sisters", will be held on October 18 iQIYI window.

All the story takes place in the bar called nass, which has a very domineering female owner, dou ying. More special in the strange name, style bars, brought together five employees with different character: positive sunshine beauty hutch niang take rice, trivia to ice king Yao Jinzi, uprightness fiery MuWanQing, cherish life, Su Jun ding keeping in good health, as well as the wife of shop-owner sinus surplus of the sunshine boy Peter van, seemingly already see through the world of mortals of sinus, but for Peter van rewinded into care, there is a kind of hate iron not while Pitt every initiation for the patronage, emotional growing between each other, near critical point, but dares not disturbing. In this bar, six people go through a series of hilarious yet heartwarming stories. In the bustling city, six friends support each other and run the bar to make each other's lives more "nice."

 New generation + old play bone

& have spent In terms of the cast, the cast Cassie , creek,Lynne S.A., Zhang Lingyan & have spent , Xiaochen Yu , Cui Di Play. More old bones Qingzhuo Fang , Mark Lee , Xue Cun , He Yunwei As well as the national active athletes zhang xueyeng cameo, the cast is unprecedented strong.

Every actor in the show has a lot of experience and excellent acting experience before filming this online drama. Cassie has appeared in several comedy variety shows, such as Top Funny Comedian The Movie ", "love laughing conference room" and so on, the character performance is very appropriate; In addition to her sweet and charming appearance, she has a solid acting skills. Suprise He playedLynne S.A.and acted in the play IAmSomebody "" DeathDeul ""Wuxin: TheMonsterKillerMany popular TV series, such as TV series, are well known and have their own unique style of performance. Zhang Lingyan, who plays yao jin, plays in urban network drama Chen ErGous sinful life ". Peter fan is played by Xiaochen Yu in idol drama Summer solstice yet to come "(played by Su Jun ding) Alex Dimitriades Won the "miracle factory" championship. Everyone has rich acting experience and acted as the leading actor in the drama, which has a commendable performance, which guarantees the performance of the actors in the drama, and makes people look forward to their performance.


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 A combination of film production

The show not only has a luxurious cast, but also a strong production team. The owner of the rich shooting experience, excellent production capacity. Zhang yi, director of this drama, has strong professional skills and delicate ideas. His previous films, CALLING and DINNER, were well received. His works have been nominated for several times in the selection of programs such as Los Angeles film festival, American SENE film festival and cannes film festival in France. Joint director Meng Li Directed by Lord of the universe and beyond our wildest dreams, the film has received tens of millions of hits and is very much in line with the tastes and interests of the online audience. River Huang, the photography of this play, is praised for its beautiful and exquisite shooting technique. She has shot many excellent works, and has been selected into the cannes film corner and won many awards. Qiangqiang united, hope to be able to shoot a popular popular comedy series.

A bar, four extreme women in the new era, the wonderful humor of the plot will certainly make the audience fresh, but also will make the audience more love life, more optimistic.

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