Jing Tian's family power is more powerful. After understanding ZhangJike, Jing Tian is really a good comment.

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Since ZhangJike Jing Tian’s public affair, the sensation is that if the news about the two people is full of small pink, no matter how powerful or unpredictable the Jing Tian family is, Jing Tian is now with ZhangJike. When he stepped down to the altar and began to get close to the people, the value of popularity began to skyrocket. You know, Jing Tian who knew ZhangJike was the female one who was not (committed) to Wan (years).

Whether it was ZhangJike’s birthday with Jing Tian’s mother or the return of ZhangJike’s official return, Jing Tian continued to surge in popularity and felt that the career of these two individuals after their open affair was also all the way up. This branch of sugar can be said to be sweet and sweet.

With Zhang Tian and ZhangJike, Jing Tian was obviously powerful. Although the acting skills were not particularly high, Jing Tian was always able to cooperate with big movie stars, and it was also a set of Jing Tian's red flowers. Far away, in the recent Hollywood blockbuster " Pacific Rim 3 " starring Jing Tian, ​​Jing Tian appeared as a hegemonic female president who twice saved the world. There is no such top person.

In The Great Wall , Jing Tian's position is second only to Hollywood superstar Matt Damon , and Andy Lau Zhang Hanyu Eddie Peng Lu Han has to stand by the side! It can be seen that Jing Tian's family power is so powerful that it deepens domestic Popular stars have evaded the front line. The mysterious and powerful force behind Jing Tian's support is powerful enough to have a " professional discipline inspection committee " Wang Sicong who has no entertainment. Wang Sicong is famous in the country for his bravery. He often dares to cry to all the popular stars. Do not dare to make irresponsible remarks to Jing Tian.

For his own family background, Jing Tian has repeatedly stressed that he was born in Xi’an, Shaanxi, a common family, the mother is an ordinary civil servant, his father did a small business, the family is in the working class, simply can not speak for the wind.

Since Dad is not a big official, then what is the “Star Bright Film and Television” company? Is it that Jing Tian’s big backing behind the scenes is the boss of the “Starry Film and Television”?

The "Starry Movie" company has invested in many TV dramas and movies. Coincidentally, as long as it is a film and television drama that the company invests in, the female lead is Jing Tian. It gives an illusion, as if this company was opened by Jing Tian, ​​even if she did not open it, she should be her. Family members are open, otherwise it is impossible for her to participate in the ministry. Ah, not only to her, but also to arrange a heavy role.

This is not enough. The “Starry Films and Television” company also invested in the EPs that Jing Tian had before going to college. With all sorts of signs, netizens have all focused their attention on Jing Tian’s brokerage company, chairman of the “Starry Film and Television”.” Lu Zheng ."

Lu Zheng was born in 1969 and Jing Tian is 19 years old. What is intriguing is that in the era of the current generation of the Internet, the search for Lu Zheng's photos has not been exhausted. For many years, Lu Zheng's appearance has been a mystery.

There have been more than one media's affair that broke the romance between Jing Tian and Lu Zheng, saying that Lu Zheng did not hesitate to spend money on his girlfriend's various speculations and praised Jing Tian as “Northern Shadow School Flower”. However, Jing Tian did not become popular, Lu Zheng did not do it, simply opened his own film and television company, save the hard-hitting girlfriend, do not hold the red girlfriend vows.

Under the care of Lu Zheng, although Jing Tian was not a big fan, Jing Tian also accumulated his own personal resources and played a certain reputation, paving the way for future successes.

And Jing Tian really ushered in its own spring, which is in 2017. This year, she broke up with her ex-boyfriend. It was also in this year that Jing Tian began to walk down the altar and began to appear frequently in the public's field of vision. She even used the live skincare products to not only get rid of idol burdens. , I also kindly sent a kiss, a second change of expression package, as if the general existence of net red, this year, many of her users who have seen her live began to black powder, turning pink. This year, Jing Tian and ZhangJike fell in love. Before the public affair, they also secretly made a lot of sugar.

Nowadays, Jing Tian after ZhangJike is getting more and more grounded. The life of earth gas makes Jing Tian begin to praise, and this kind of life really makes her shine. Perhaps ZhangJike is the real life in her life. The "mysterious power."

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