The movie "Five Sisters" is scheduled to be on August 24th. The character poster interprets "Sweet Bully"

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Today, produced by Angie Chai , directed by Su Wensheng, Kent Tsai , Xiang Ruru , Jeannie Hsieh , Marcus Chang , Eugenie Liu , Moxi Zhang , Gao Yuya, Zhang Wei , Zhu Xuanyang , etc., "I have five sisters." Be single! ! "Exposure fixed posters and notices, announced that the film was officially scheduled for August 24. The film's youth, love theme and its unique secondary style have undoubtedly injected a different kind of refreshment for this summer's summer file.

Today's exposure of the set of posters with bright colors and bold, hand-painted elements, forming a strong visual impact, making people unforgettable. Every sister in the poster holds the "Training Dragon Artifact" that highlights her own personality. The male protagonist Li Chuanglong’s state of panic and uneasiness under the "artifact" makes people sigh that their sisters are really "tamed". The dragon has a square." The small elements in the poster background, such as burgers, pointers, mice, bows, dolls, etc., reflect the daily preferences of the sisters from the side. Unlike other posters that show the five sisters’ “absolute dominance” of the mad dragon, the sweet girl’s little dream of lifting the blue ice cream in a passionate red background is surrounded by countless mad dragons of various shapes. As if all the emotions started from her, she was also smoothed out, and she could not help but guess what special relationship she had with the mad dragon.

The movie "Five Sisters" is scheduled to be on August 24th. The character poster interprets "Sweet Bully"

Miss Sister's fancy "How to Train the Dragon" poster is eye-catching "Sister Bao" brother's love is beginning to see

The opening of the trailer is a proud female voice: "This woman is the most complicated creature in the world", followed by a series of horror pictures of "the disaster is coming". The way of appearance of the five sisters is awkward. Move. Li Madron, the youngest brother in the family, has been shrouded in such a shadow. He wants to be free and wants to get rid of control, so he says: "I will give a girlfriend, let you never care for me!" Finally at the end of the trailer, a girl suspected of a savior "savior" descended from the sky, she is What is the identity? Can she save the mad dragon in the heat?

The second middle-aged brother is seeking love for free this summer. The wonderful family laughs fiercely.

The film was adapted from Taiwan’s red-hot novel of the same name, "I have five sisters, I am destined to be single," and tells the story of "The Ultimate Sister Po", Li Erlong, under the pressure of five sisters and "battle". The story of "freeing for freedom" by making a girlfriend. In the face of the "severe" mate selection criteria proposed by the five sisters in the trailer to the younger brother, Kent Tsai, the actor of Li Chuanglong, said: "Although the love of the sisters is full of strong desire to control, list the mad dragons. The mate selection criteria are very 'face-to-face', but they are actually the most loved brothers in the world." The netizens also commented after reading the posters of the full screen beautiful lady who was exposed today: "I want five A sister.", "It’s so exciting! Awesome!", "It feels very interesting." "What kind of angel is this little dream actor!" It can be seen that the pretty lady’s face value will also be small with the male. Fresh meat flow goes hand in hand.

The film retains the main story line of the original light novel, and adds more exotic comedy elements, so while attracting the original powder, it also earned more attention from the young people watching the movie. The awkward hilarious story of the atypical family setting between the five different sisters and the "Little Green" brother in the movie and the difficult "dismissal" of the younger brother who desires freedom makes it unique in similar films. Bright eyes.

The film consists of Zhuhai Handu Film Investment Co., Ltd., Beijing Jiaying Culture Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Mengying Film & TV Production Co., Ltd., Qunxing Ruizhi International Entertainment Co., Ltd., Anle Film Co., Ltd., Hualian International Video Co., Ltd. Co-produced by Manchu Co., Ltd., China Trust Venture Capital Co., Ltd. and Kashi Jiaying Culture Media Co., Ltd. will be officially released on August 24th.

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