Hawick Lau's response to Mini Yang seldom accompanied her daughter in a sentence to prove that Mini Yang is a good mother

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Hawick Lau responded that Mini Yang seldom accompanied her daughter to prove that Mini Yang was a good mother. In 2011, Mini Yang Hawick Lau was playing for the drama “ Wishful ”. In 2014, the two held a wedding in Bali. In June of the same year, Mini Yang gave birth to a daughter in Hong Kong and gave her daughter a small glutinous rice.


Since their marriage, their emotional life has been receiving much attention. Although Xiaomi is already four years old, there are still news of divorce from time to time. For this rumor, the two have never responded.


It has been said that Mini Yang has been rushing to work, and has no time to accompany her daughter and be detained with a selfish hat. Recently, Hawick Lau responded to the statement that Mini Yang rarely accompanied his daughter in an interview. Hawick Lau said that she also came back to see the little glutinous rice as soon as she was free. She came back soon after a little time, and one sentence proved that Mini Yang is a good mother.



Seeing this, some netizens said: Mini Yang and Hawick Lau are very happy, the reason why they did not respond, just because they want to live a low-key life.


Some netizens said that they should focus more on the actors themselves and pay less attention to her family.



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