Singing with huan liu, who has been married to the british prince for 22 years and has not changed her nationality, her daughter speaks beijing accent

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with Liu Huan Choral hit, married British prince 22 years do not change nationality, her daughter full of Beijing accent

In the entertainment circle, the marriage life of female stars is also a topic of conversation after dinner. Some of these female stars have married abroad, and even changed their nationality is not a few. Of course, for those who change their nationality and come to China to earn money actress, is also very dissatisfied with the public. But what about today's hero? She was a real descendant of the royal family, aisin gioro qi di. Her singing Huan Liu, who has been married to a British prince for 22 years and has not changed her nationality, has become a pop star. Her daughter speaks a Beijing accent.

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Aixinjueluo qidi was born in 1969, graduated from normal university art department, singer. She has sung the TV theme song many times.

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In the 1990s, during the Asian games in Beijing, qi di sang with Liu Huan in the English version of his song "the wind of Asia". The crisp singing still echoes in that era and fully shows the strength of the singer. In addition to her singing ability is known to all, her background as the 13th generation granddaughter of qing nuerhachi also received more attention.

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The special sound of aisin giorro's flute was also considered by many people at that time to be" Teresa Teng The successor. While everyone admired her unique voice, she chose to retire when her career was in full bloom. In 1996, she chose love, married the British prince living abroad. Now, after 22 years of marriage, aisin giorno chidi has not changed her nationality, even though people around her and her husband all expect her to naturalize, but she is determined not to change. She once said to her husband: "I'm Chinese, I married you because I love you, that's all."

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What is more worth mentioning is that aisin giorro qi di in addition to this to demand their own, from childhood to the mixed race children family education is also the same. Aisin gioro chidi told his children from an early age, "your mother is Chinese, and half of you are Chinese." Moreover, when I was a child, I communicated with my child in Chinese. My daughter aixin jueluo mei was also full of Beijing accent, so I was glad to play the flute. At the same time, the daughter also inherited the mother's good genes, once participated in the new generation of China successfully joined People also ask Team.

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Today, aixin gioro qi flute with her still loud and clear and magnetic song back to her hometown attachment "Vaterland", from the water cube grand party to the CCTV Spring Festival gala, the road to qi flute smooth and full of glory. For aixin jueluo qi di's practice and to the child's education way, the net friend is also in full praise. Do you like her?

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