Liu Xiao Ling Tong's photos of the sun as "Shadi brothers" Liu Kang Qing Sheng friends: The classic forever.

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Liu Xiao Ling Tong Sun Photos as “Shadi” Liu Kang Qingsheng User: Classics

This morning, Liu Xiao Ling Tong sent a message on Weibo: “Wish Happy Birthday to Mr. Liu Dagang !” Sha Dao Liu Dagang. In the photo, there is Liu Dagang's still act as the monk's still photo, as well as Liu Xiao Ling Tong's and Liu Dagang's photo. It shows that the two have deep feelings!


The netizen also sent a blessing to his teacher Liu Dagang, and some netizens thought of some of the classic lines in Journey to the West: “Master brother, Master let the monsters go. The brother and two brothers let the monsters eat. "This is a full memory!


Some netizens commented: “I wish the old artists living in Journey to the West are healthy and the classics will pass.”


The 86 edition of " Journey to the West " is indeed a classic in the classics. Many actors who appeared in this drama have already passed away. For example, Yan Huali , who was the first player in the middle class , died in 2009. It is said that all the brothers and sisters came to visit him for a final glance. In order to wait for the second brother Ma Dehua to take a sigh of relief, he saw Ma Dehua before closing his eyes. Really a "Journey to the West" achievement of the deep feelings of their masters and apprentices. Although some of them have left us, it is undeniable that "Journey to the West" is indeed a classic TV series, commemorating those old artists who have died.



Their old artists are also very close together. This year's Zhejiang TV's " Ace to Ace " program, "Journey to the West" is once again together, it is not easy! I wish those old artists living in good health would also like to learn more from these old artists.


The 86 edition of "Journey to the West" can be described as the most replayed TV series in China. Every year when the play begins, you know that the summer vacation is coming. This summer holiday is coming again. Do you still want to take a look at this classic drama?


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