New horizon' open emotion screenwriter joe chan asks ryan about not understanding love

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Linkeddb News October 10 Produced by media Asia media, perfect world film and television, co-produced by China international television corporation, erdong pictures, east China sea airlines, and aifeike aviation club, Joe Chan , Ryan , Zixiao Zhu , Coco Hjardemaal , Bing Hu , Ziqi Zhao And other leading roles of high-burning youth air drama New Horizon "Today's emotional printings of woody (Joe Chan), xiao (Ryan), Xia Yu (Zixiao Zhu) the tense triangular relationship is extremely tense, while wu di's soul questioning xiao mo's "lack of understanding of love" becomes the emotional outburst point in the film, and the complex emotional world restores the vivid and vivid image of the pilot.


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Joe Chan spirit confronts Ryan not understanding love Zixiao Zhu into a guardian knight

Emotional printmaking mainly centers on the emotional line between wu di, xiao mo and Xia Yu, which is continuously cut and sorted out. It has not only the values but also the professional collision. In "New Horizon", wu di and xiao mo are both pilots of midsummer airlines. Wu di, who has been transferred from flight attendant, idolizes xiao mo, "green eugenics", and becomes a young apprentice to learn from xiao mo. Xiao mer was gradually attracted by wu di's enthusiasm for flying dreams, and the two started a love affair. Xia Yu, heir to the midsummer airlines, is also deeply in love with wu di, the embodiment of "wu di sunflower".

The video contains both cheek kiss, straight man's romantic hair candy, and glass residue. When reason and sensibility diverge, wu di's eyes contain tears to xiao mo "do you have love? Do you know love? Are you worthy of love? "Will you love" the soul quintuple asked, bringing the whole video mood to a high point, so quickly that the roller coaster of abuse, both exciting and touching. At the end of the film, the tension in the first half of the painting is changed to a gentle tone. "we can't go back, but why do I still want to let go? ", "can we start over? The monologue by wu di and xiao mo, coupled with the affectionate BGM, gives us infinite imagination space and aftertaste.

The captain is also a person restore the real feelings of the airman

Different from video, which shows the great nation's aviation dream and the professional pilot's accomplishment, the emotions print the whole picture of the aviation people. A good industry drama should integrate information transmission and entertainment effects, highlight dramatic effects while maintaining a professional image. This delicate balance is exactly what New Horizon has been thinking about in terms of story design. In the film, wu di and xiao mo fly a plane to transport medical organs and rescue children in danger Kang Kang ", taking the plot that led to the breakup of their relationship as an example, was edited and reviewedGuan - ying, Ou"Normally when a plane is hit by a storm, the captain will follow instructions and land at the nearby airport," it said. But if the plane has a waiting list of medical organs, and the waiting list is a patient with a close relationship with the captain, would the captain risk landing? In the cockpit, the captain struggles between emotion and professionalism, and in combination with the storm outside the cabin, the moment of decision can affect the audience's emotions the most. Wait for the TV series "New Horizon" to air and catch a glimpse of the domestic air drama.


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