"The "Year-Up" May Fourth youth special event Wang Yibo was approved by Xu Lei

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At 10:00 pm on May 6, Hunan Satellite TV, "Every Day Goes Up," jointly with the Central Social Liaison Department of the Communist Youth League, produced a "Upward Youth" dedicated to the May Fourth Youth Festival. Representatives of outstanding young people from various industries gathered in “Every Day” to share the journey of dream building of new and contemporary youth, and to feel the power and temperature of youth together!

“Lost Population” Wang Yibo Joined “Motor Little Brother” to join the charity column

After experiencing the previous day “Creation 101” “Check this without a blog” and “Looking for a blog from the entire network”, Wang Yibo’s performance in “Upwards Every Day” was particularly expected by fans. The opening of the program, Wang Yibo and other "every brothers" sang a bloody climax of the "blood burning" and turned the audience, the gas field is full of passion, it is bloody. Among them, Wang Yibo is dressed in a blue sweater and loose camouflage pants.

The program welcomes a young pioneer who serves as a “dream keeper” to help critically ill patients realize their dreams and chat with others. Every day, the brothers decide to participate in the charity work and do their best to help those in need, Wang Han (host) For example, if there are children who want to be hosts, they can come to the show to experience. I did not expect this to happen. As soon as there was an explosion in the field, they discussed what they could do. When Wang Yibo was called, Wang Han (host) said excitedly that he was riding a motorcycle. Wang Yibo quickly and aggressively made an amazement to the guests: “You can "The track", the excitement when the motorcycle was lifted, was ridiculed by the barrage: "Mr. Wang is a little bit adorable and lovely by riding a motorcycle to join the community."

Xu Lei's live casting praising Wang Yibo like Zhang Qiling

"Daily Everyday" presented the May 4th Youth Day and turned into a big movie casting scene. It planned to shoot a big movie "Upward Youth," and Xu Lei took the opportunity to select "emerging young people" to chat about the big IP. For the first time, Xu Lei, who was on the stage of “Every Day”, had a good talk with the Tianxi Brothers. He even designed a role for everyone on the spot. Uncle especially said that Wang Yibo was suitable for Zhang Qi Ling. I did not expect this remark to have aroused strong reaction from fans. : "Thank you for your approval, for cooperation!!" True, it is not unreasonable for Xu Lei to choose Wang Yibo as "Zhang Qiling". In addition to being "highly valued" by Wang Han (host), Wang Yibo is blessed with unique advantages. temperament can be described as very fit and Zhang Qi Ling, even the fans also sincerely lamented: "! Bo Yan a set value and people simply stuffy oil bottles bottle of this" in addition, Wang Yibo acting award recognized last year with " the to Taste Is Qing Huan ” fresh and natural, full of aura skills it became a new generation of niche winners! More importantly, with the broadcast of “Creation 101”, Wang Yibo’s hot topic continues to rise, hot spamming lists appear frequently, and quickly becomes the national PI CK[3] with an irresistible trend. The nationality continues to rise and becomes a development. The most rapid and innumerable representatives of post-95 niche students. Acting, popularity, face value and personality are all on the internet. It seems that Uncle Tzu's picking up “Zhang Qi Ling” on the show is a very deliberate choice.

It is reported that Wang Yibo is currently shooting the TV series “ Courage ” adapted from the popular novel “Master of the Magic,” and is playing the role of a blue-tempered, innocent-looking blue machine. From the perspective of the Reuters chart that has been exposed, Wang Yibo is buzzing. The costume styling made the audience screaming, and the flying posture of Hangweiya was frequently praised and dedicated.

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