Go back'' unveiled at the spring fair Telecom Italia bluntly cooperated with Lau Kong's director is very happy

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Recently, the modern emotional inspirational drama " Go back " appeared at the 2018 Beijing TV Show, the director Lau Kong and Telecom Italia together with their original creations, and the scene was deeply interpreted. On the same day, Telecom Italia was a simple, black and white collocation, and it attracted the attention of many media on the spot.

“Go back” has created a group of overseas students with great characteristics of the times, focusing on a series of hot spots such as youth growth, emotional issues, and the values ​​of two generations. It tells about the awakening and growth after facing the contradictions and loneliness of life journey. story. The newest performer, Telecom Italia, plays Ning Ming, a foreign student who has a family hope and a persistent love. At the scene of the event, he revealed that both the front and the back of the game, the main players have paid a lot of effort and experience for the first time is more experience. Telecom Italia admitted that he was lucky to work with Lau Kong director just after graduation. “Liu Dao is a very careful director who knows how to hold the performers. He will patiently correct our shortcomings. Following Liu’s guidance, I learned a lot and every day Feeling very deep."

After graduating from the Shanghai Theatre Academy, he successively participated in the youth inspirational drama "Go back" and the sci-fi theme super drama " God of Heaven Tianbao Kam ". The style of youthful modernity and historic costumes alternated to reflect the newly promoted performer. His acting skills, and his future development is also really looking forward to.

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