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September 21JianghuernuThe film was released in various theaters, and starlink and Oscar cinema organized netizens to watch the film at Oscar studios in Shanghai.

By Zhao Tao, Liao Fan ,Xu Zheng (actor), liang jia-yan, Diao Yinan Starring. The film is about love and crime. It is a 140-minute film shot in China, France and Japan. Meanwhile, the film was nominated for the palme d 'or at the 71st cannes film festival. The story begins in datong, Shanxi Province in 2001, when a model, Zhao Tao, falls in love with a taxi company owner, Liao Fan. Once, he was attacked by competitors on the street. Qiao qiao was sentenced to five years for shooting in the street to protect him. Upon her release from prison, qiao qiao began to look for brother bin in order to start afresh, but things took an unexpected change...


For this film with its own halo, let's see what little stars say when they finish watching it:



Little starsSorrow,Evaluation of

TheJianghuernubin brother with love opportunely opportunely, qiao qiao for love, for bin brother go to prison for five years, when thinking about prison bin brother will meet her outside, I didn't think out, everything changed after bin brother to so-called river's lake, live a more decent, and give up love him concerned about his opportunely opportunely, finally had an accident and get back to opportunely opportunely, all this, still can not let go face, feel with the younger brother to mix before are good, and his disability does nothing, or not to cherish the present happiness, such as ability to better chose to leave, although this is not the outcome, I like but the end is the end of the river's lake people.



Little starspaletteEvaluation of

Jia Zhangke , although in the international film festival award to get the soft, his fame in sight, also in the domestic industry and senior fans, although theJianghuernuout this time like commercial posters, it also has a gang fight from the trailer, such as commercial movie plot, also has theXu Zheng (actor)the traffic star to join, but the movie proved that Jia Zhangke Jia Zhangke, he produced in the domestic cinema consumption mass groups emotional communication is quite limited, box office fell ill a few days, But I like it.

Small people, long shots, simple stories, this is the world of Jia Zhangke, unlike most popular virtual movie plots, the director pays more attention to the realistic meaning, the script extends from the reality, from a certain Angle to express the real face of society.

Film to men and women protagonist 17 years feelings as the main line, in a crisis in the complex social environment, each of us has our own personal relationships, title runescape 2 words with double meaning, men and women protagonist in the movie are forced to drift, position or need a boat of the three gorges project, the controversial landmark projects of modern China, and the atmosphere of the film title, a story or a worm, including the eldest brother is instantly fall in the movie, the film after half of the long with a few lines, can also big paragraphs with belong to that era, such as how many love can be heavy to music, let the audience feel very boring. He may not really be able to make a commercial film like other directors, but other directors can't make a Jia Zhangke, like the audience will always like, dislike the audience may like in the future.

Thanks again for the invitation of star relations on the opening day of the release of Jianghuernu!


Little starsThis life is often like adolescenceEvaluation of

Jianghuernu He Zhai Jin, mountains and rivers of old into clouds. Because of my words, you take me to Hohhot in the middle of the night to eat and sell. I spent five years in prison because of the street fighting to save you. After coming out, I have been to many places: hubei, sichuan, xinjiang... I put the world down, but still can not put you. The lake of the man, is the sword light shadow holds sway, the lake of the woman, is the love of whole life not abandon. Section chief films include San Bao: old songs, dialects, Zhao Tao. This film continues the theme of the section chief's film. In this ancient land of shanxi, the kind and tenacious women have been searching and waiting endlessly. We are all prisoners of the universe, looking for a way out. The love affair always by the rain beat wind to go, you are the black way eldest brother or you are sit on the wheelchair the disabled person or not, I only hope stay at your side.


Star sister thinks:

This is a movie with complex emotions, with love for jia, to understand what this movie expresses; This is a film with deep background, with previous accumulation to explore more connotation and emotion. Do you see through the natural turnover of social relationships and the subtle shifts in gender identity? "Jianghuernu", someone's place has the river lake, the real river lake people all has the sentiment has the righteousness...

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