“five sisters” plastic sister and brother now in the original shape of chyi yu chyi chin surprise appearance “cruel” mutual disclosure.

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The film five sisters was released for a special Chyi Yu Chyi Chin The surprise appearance of "cruelty" reveals each other

The movie "I am doomed to be single with five sisters"! by Angie Chai Produced and directed by su wensheng, Kent Tsai , xiang jie ru, Jeannie Hsieh, , Marcus Chang , Eugenie Liu, , Moxi Zhang And Gao Juan, Zhang Yao, Zhu Xuan ocean star, a "plastic" special in today's sister and the public, the special released the "sister and the relationship between" the theme of the film are closely related, we learn in the special between the creator and his sister or brother childhood fun fun, but there is no lack of warmth touching relationship between siblings, this interesting and have love relationships, every one-child about yearning for the heart of the students.


The elder sister humiliates the younger brother and does not soften the younger brother

The movie "I am doomed to be single with five sisters"! In the special series released today, director su wensheng made no secret of his admiration for wayan, saying that his favorite of his five sisters was wayan. "I'm wayan's fan! Wayan is handsome and gentle. As a jeep driver, she used a walkie-talkie to tell everyone, "the driver is very upright, the driver is very upright, over." The way her second sister, Eugenie Liu, bullied her younger brother was shocking: "[I told him] if you eat my toes now, your cockroach won't come to you." The little dream that has always been gentle talks about oneself if have the younger brother such as li manlong, also change a normal state very frank to say "will certainly beat him not line!" In the face of the younger brother, the older sister is always very confident, but the younger brother is very disgusted with the older sister.


At the end of the special,Chyi YuChyi Chin, a famous sister and brother in the entertainment industry, appeared as an Easter egg surprise and showed us this kind of funny brother-sister relationship "unsparingly". Her sister, Chyi Yu, was very confident, nodded and said, "for my brother, I must be a very good sister."

But my younger brother, Chyi Chin, said with a wry smile, "I think a sister is enough. She has brought me a lot of burden and pressure." It can be concluded from summing up historical events that brother-sister love is the most unreliable thing. The elder sister thinks it is very "reinforcing steel", while the younger brother regards it as "plastic".


The sister tried her best to stop the younger brother from running for love

The film, based on the Taiwanese novel of the same name, is a highly detailed reconstruction of the unique family combination of five powerful sisters and a "sister treasure" brother. It must be hard to see such a family structure in today's society, and the only children in this film with some elements of "non-realism" can have a look at their way of getting along. In the film, the younger brother is firmly controlled by the elder sister from childhood to adulthood. The elder sisters always hold a firm attitude towards the younger brother's love affair: impossible! But in the special,Kent Tsaitsundere, the real-life protagonist of her two biological sisters, said: "my sister won't take care of me. This word out, did not know in the film lee crazy dragon heard will envy to tears? "They used to run me,"Kent Tsaisaid. "now I run them." Such a contrast, by the strong "love" of the five elder sisters, see out of the single hopeless wild dragon lee, is really a pity. In the film, the elder sister bullies her younger brother with unconditional "three meals a day", and the younger brother is unable to resist passively changing into a "gas bag" and other plot Settings. It is believed that the audience with brother-sister relationship in front of the screen will find some resonance.


The film by zhuhai han is the film and television investment co., LTD., Beijing jia reflected culture media co., LTD., Beijing sample of film and television production co., LTD., the stars are ruizhi international entertainment co., LTD., piece film co., LTD., hualian international audio co., LTD., full duo co., LTD., China's trust venture investment co., LTD., production of kashgar jia reflected culture media co., LTD. This summer, whether the wild dragon can escape sister's claw smoothly? Witness the movie together!

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