Joey Yung Vincy Chan's "Ear party"! Emperor's reputation spreads over Yangcheng

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Recently, Joey Yung and Vincy Chan appeared on the 2018 Mi Qi Music Live Guangzhou Station. The "Special Party" concert ended perfectly! Joey Yung's white T-shirt with a sheer maxi skirt, full of imaginative spirit, live sang "Airport", "Spend Thousand Trees," "Girl with Wings" will push the atmosphere to the hottest. Vincy Chan also warmly sang " Amoment of Romance, " "The Secret of the Disclosure," "My Memories are Not Mine," "Flowers without Snow," and a light white dress with a light Katsuyuki Konishi outfit was very good.

Joey Yung Vincy Chan is the most beautiful vocal on the live music scene

Joey Yung and Vincy Chan not only dedicate their own classic songs, but also graciously send super welfare to the fans and interact with fans on the spot. The two are not only singing well, but are also full of variety scenes when interacting. Joey Yung also said that he is very happy to meet with fans and he hopes to continue to sing to everyone.

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