Harper's bazaar' october issue of the inaugural fashion series

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Star relations news: as a leading authority that embodies the fashion of The Times and the spirit of women of The Times, Harper's bazaar created a new form of urban fashion film in its October issue Jing Thai Boran , Ma Sichun , Yang Caiyu , Chen Feiyu , Zhang Tianai , Z.T AO , spring, summer, Lei Wu Eight of the current solid cover stars performed four series of micro films related to "never forget the original intention".

BAZAAR team from several problem facing the present urban young people in the life of creation script, let his mind not to growth experience, professional team to create four is both independent and related micro movie, the actors with their thinking about beginner's mind and dreams, courage and love, open to belong to the young people, have the spirit of BAZAAR wonderful life.

Particularly ingenious is the plane image vision and fashion film story echo, the first synchronous shooting mode. From the joint creation with the photographer and director, to the post-production and publicity design, it was completed by the team of Harper's bazaar. From the four angles of hearing, vision, taste and smell, the audience could get a glimpse of the details of the two leading actors.

Creative: Harper's bazaar director: Wang Yu, Written by tai lung cui, heart

The state of mind changes with time and environment, but it can keep the original heart fresh. In the micro film,Yang CaiyuandChen Feiyuplay a game of choice through dialogue. Time at the fingertips, the initial courage and confidence has become coarse, the dream of the bumpy experience is the most clear, ready to go out of one's ambition, for love, he chose to become a better themselves. The fresh combination and the performance of the actors have aroused strong resonance for the audience after watching the story. They have left comments on the topic to explain their understanding and choices. If pursuing dreams has a price, do you still have the courage to move forward?

Creativity: fashion bazaar director:Wang Yu,cheng scriptwriter: tai long cui, xin xin

The release of the poster sparked a much-anticipated combination ofZhang TianaiandZ.T AOthat brought a story about the encounter. as Makoto Shinkai Said, "life is a series of coincidence overlapping, meeting love is doomed. & have spent" The fate of two people may be through a staggered eye, a hot action, a glass of wine............... You can find your certainty without warning, you need to get up and chase.

The spring/summer & have spent Lei Wu: the original heartbeat, want to remember how to remember.

Creativity: fashion bazaar director:Wang Yu,cheng scriptwriter: xin xin

How small is everyone in the face of reality? Savor the taste of life, you have experienced with the sour, sweet, bitter, all profound. In the micro film starringLei Wuin spring and summer, the fresh and sincere picture and the youthful vigor make the audience feel that this is what one should be in love. Years may steal innocence, the world may strangle Armageddon, but don't forget the curve of entanglement in your palm. As the Pandora's box of the future opens, what do you expect it to taste like?

Ma Sichun Jing Boran: no need to live up to the expectations, just live up to themselves. Creativity: fashion bazaar director:Wang Yu,cheng scriptwriter:Wang Yu,cheng, Lei an

Jing Thai Boran andMa Sichunstory begins in a peaceful and beautiful sweet atmosphere, warm yellow light, they will be subject of illusion and reality, seeking to accompany in each other's eyes through the mirror, the answer of the story in the tense atmosphere finally opened, lights flashing, when faced with an empty seat, they are on the stage and looking for the meaning of their existence in the rehearsal - without expectations, just not yourself.

Appears in the texture of the film the beauty of fashion, emotional interpretation from the perspective of fashion films, in the "not forget the beginner's mind" as the theme of the pictures in a micro films at the same time, Harper's bazaar always challenge beginner's mind is still, in a variety of fashionable way to interpret conforms to the value of contemporary young people, through the fashion the new form of micro films, give the story more artistic, more quiet and more thick texture, positive, good, positive energy values.

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