A Better Tomorrow 2018' Film Critics: Because of the classic existence of the remake it takes more courage

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In 1986, " Ying xiong ben se, " a Hong Kong movie starring Chow Yun-fat , Ti Lung and Leslie Cheung , exploded across the country and created a movie trend of gangster heroics. Today, such a classic to be no more classic Hong Kong films were Ding Sheng (director) director remade, starring also replaced Kai Wang , Tianyu Ma and Darren Wang brothers fratricidal dispute. Because of the classic existence, the difficulty of remake can be imagined. So when the film was released, the audience did not consciously compare it with the old version of "Ying xiong ben se." It is also not difficult to see from the movie " A Better Tomorrow 2018 " by a netizen of the stars that the audience's polarization is still obvious of.

 Ying xiong ben se

 A Better Tomorrow 2018

For the three brothers buy a lot of Yen Yan audience, of course, there are certainly director remake courage. such as:

Haha call: "Ying xiong ben se" is an enduring classic, "A Better Tomorrow 2018" dare to challenge the classic, is a victory, whether it is three starring or other supporting roles are surprises to the audience, the emotional expression Very delicate, Ding Sheng (director) director good at tears and jokes together, soundtrack has become a highlight of the film. Tribute to the classic details, be successful remake.

Cats: The story of brotherhood is always very moving, although the big frame is a classic, but the control of the plot is completely different. Kai Wang's performance is very good, understanding and expression of characters has always been his strength, sincere brotherhood, affection will never change, this movie is suitable for men and women watching, every actress's acting is full online, and the whole process of high energy Regardless of the protagonist or supporting roles are remarkable!

Air photographer Grand White: Ever thought of a hero should be omnipotent, with a glamorous appearance, responsible for saving the world. Who once thought, I really want to call such an ordinary three brothers a hero. After reading "A Better Tomorrow 2018," I'm still wondering if the three brothers are still alive in the final act. However, this seems to be unimportant, and the friendship between their brothers has become more than extraordinary in a world that only recognizes money and does not recognize people.

yy: "A Better Tomorrow 2018" is still the theme of hardcore brotherhood. The feelings of Kai Wang, Tianyu Ma and Darren Wang are compared with those of Lam Suet and Wu Yue (actor) Kind performance most vividly. Changeable rivers and lakes , but the same feelings. Especially the fierce battle moment, Kai Wang big brother vanity, could not help but wanted to play CALL for him!

Qi Bing: "A Better Tomorrow 2018" Director Ding Sheng (director) is emphasizing brotherhood, brotherhood, in a new environment, how to interpret the new heroic plot, or how to redefine the hero, which requires the director's pattern to be larger, Thinking beyond. Obviously, Ding Ying, through Ying xiong ben se, will tell us that the hero of the new era is a true-nature hero who dares to turn his head after turning his back. Kai Wang and Darren Wang performances are in place, Tianyu Ma slightly immature.

I feel happy and happy: "A Better Tomorrow 2018" only retains the original character set, can be a new story. Tears and grinning together, action and gunfight blast, neat and tidy. Kai Wang great breakthrough, a little unrecognized, Darren Wang jokingly play, supporting team is quite amazing. Whether watching "Ying xiong ben se", it is recommended to watch this movie.

Fifi's fairy tale: "A Better Tomorrow 2018" Story complete structure, narrative fluent, director of the fetters of the performance of the bond between the show gradually through the development of the plot, layers of bedding, culminating in the end of the three brothers reached the pinnacle, forgive , all is forgiven with Zhou Kai perfect interpretation when (Kai Wang) leaving the drop of tears. The most impressive line is the phrase "can look back, is the real hero." Zhou Kai spent three years in prison want to understand this point, Kai Wang before the release of prisoners gas evil nature and release after release from the inevitable interpretation Quite a place, there is a principle of the bottom line of the grounded figure showing off, much greater than its previous role breakthrough. And the old version no need to do too much comparison, a new era of movies, like.

Gee: After reading "A Better Tomorrow 2018," I was deeply attracted by the fraternity between Kai Wang, Tianyu Ma, and Darren Wang. The most beautiful example of fraternity was probably the same, with one heart and one brother in mind. There was nothing better than a brother Friendship between the heavier things, brothers at the critical moment of two rib knife, in your most difficult time to help you. Really like this movie, people see the most real emotions, brothers, friends, the most precious friendship.

Voyage Excellent : There are several salutations in the movie. The classic lens reminisces the 86 edition of "Ying xiong ben se". The brothers in the film have deep feelings. The brother Kai Wang played in the drug trafficking, and he has been stealthy father And his brother, also said to his brother that he hated the most is to deceive! But when my brother found his brother, personally caught him, taste the feeling of cheating what is the taste? From brotherhood rupture, he hated brother cheat, and the other On the one hand Darren Wang Zhou Kai as a brother, unconditional trust in him, "regardless of the world how to change, look for the brother will not change," This sentence truly explains what is a brother, the final outcome of the three brothers arrested drug traffickers together , Die with death, brothers reunited, touching! Play call for their acting, recommend everyone to see!

 A Better Tomorrow 2018

There are still feel "A Better Tomorrow 2018" there is room for improvement:

Shaan time: Darren Wang who has points for the movie, Kai Wang acting school no doubt, big brother vanity. Tianyu Ma breakthrough himself, playing exciting, simply neat, there is so little pride. Han Han 's guest line is the biggest joke, the movie a bit embarrassed at the end, overall is not bad, worth a visit.

Cat tail grass: Because of the classic existence, the difficulty of remake can be imagined. But still think "cat tail grass" is better than expected. In particular, Kai Wang's big brother set up, from the image to the expression and movement, are performing great, but some episodes (perhaps for the trial) is somewhat unexpected. Finally, want to say is that Darren Wang and Han Han really contracted the entire laugh.

Palette: Just two months ago in the cinema just revisited the old version of "Ying xiong ben se", and today to see the remake of this 2018 version, although the core is all about brotherhood, but the new story and character still For each role into the fresh blood, after reading or there is iron brotherhood moved.

Sensen: "A Better Tomorrow 2018" the brotherhood, heroic interpretation of the most vivid, people watching the blood of passion, the movie in the gangsters, shootings, chasing cars, explosions and other battle scenes for the film to enhance a lot. Kai Wang played Zhou Kai, a big brother and mother in the rivers and lakes have a sense of courage, brotherhood, and he has his own bottom line, the principle, as he said in the movie: looking for the brothers will not change . Wang Da Road played by Marco, a man wandering in the mainland and follow the brother Zhou Kai wander rivers and lakes, although he rebellious, but sentiment and justice, whenever Big Brother will endanger the danger in front of him, as he went. Zhou Chao played by Tianyu Ma, a police officer who is just and persistent. Although the three brothers have had many misunderstandings, the trust in their bones still allows the three brothers to trust each other and make progress and retreat together at the moment of life and death. The passionate fraternity sees an upsurge of people.

Mei Ying: After reading "A Better Tomorrow 2018", Darren Wang played by the younger brother was shocked, gestures are play, we can say, Darren Wang has been very decent style of the year brother. In addition, Han Han's friendship starred in, actually let me a bit of drama, ha ha.

maria li: "A Better Tomorrow 2018", the new version of the old version of the relationship between the characters and the basic organization retained, but the identity of the characters, the story atmosphere and the environment are set to new, supporting the story of the relationship between the three brothers have changed dramatically, on the red Yan value is worth watching.

No regrets of youth: "A Better Tomorrow 2018" theme is still a brotherhood. However, in view of the changes of the times, Yingxiong ben se, also highlighted by the film, has made a lot of progress with the times. The film has deliberately weakened the cat and mouse game between police and bandits and painstakingly portrayed the brotherhood, brotherhood and true feelings of the three brothers. Kai Wang's image is well established, and Darren Wang's acting is also in line with the character's requirements. Tianyu Ma is very mediocre, unlike the anti-drug police. Times have changed, things are non-human. The heroic shortness of the year, children and affection is no longer, deliberately to remake the classic decades ago there is a great risk. Whether the new version can be accepted and accepted by the audience is still unknown.

 A Better Tomorrow 2018

Ding Sheng (director) of A Better Tomorrow 2018 also made a long essay three days after the movie was released. In the face of the audience's bipolar commentary, he said his voice is "The film is an adventure and a joke to me, Than I am brave, if after looking disappointed with me, I want to say I tried my best, it is difficult to be perfect, I'm sorry!

 Ding Sheng (director)

"A Better Tomorrow 2018" really is not a classic copy, but to pay tribute to the classic, so do not be too serious to compare.

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