Big World' road show in Zhengzhou Yoo Gun with 3 years since the performance of 54th Golden Horse Award for best animated feature film!

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December 17, should be invited to the Oscar cinema, the 54th Taiwan Golden Horse Award for best animated feature film " Big World " director Yoo Gun appeared Henan University and students were up close interaction.


It is reported that the animated film "Big World" is a self-directed by Yoo Gun, took three years to complete independently, Yoo Gun almost completed all the work of the film, including screenwriter, mirror drawing, animation, Director and editor. The meeting will be the scene, "Big World" producer Yang City for the first time revealed the movie behind the hard-won, director Yoo Gun also explained in detail why a person making movies.


Producer side talk about "big world" release is not easy but "this is the best time to do animation"

Event site, one of the producers side of the colorful house president Yi Qiao we first exposed the choice of produced "big world" reasons. In his opinion: First, the theme of "big world" is fresh. A mature movie market should have all kinds of films, and the real world theme film such as "Big World", an animated film of China, is very fresh for the audience. Second, due to the profound theme of "big world." Yi Qiao believes that the story of "Big World" reflects the director's deep observation of this era, so "I hope it can become a possibility, not be submerged." And the current audience faces more confusion and anxiety, and more Need to inspire some of the works like "Big World." The third is the big series of domestic animation "Four", each of which represents a type of domestically produced animation, whereas the color bar houses are quite similar to these four animated movies Close contact. The three-dimensional top technology of "The Great Saint", the aesthetic two-dimensional of "Big Fish", the ink Chinese style of the big law, and the super-reality of the Big World also bring more possibilities to the country. Therefore, "This is a The best time to make cartoons. "

He also revealed for the first time the movie release of the road is not easy. It is the first time that Chinese animation films have been nominated for the main competitions of the three major international film festivals (Venice Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival) and the " Spirited Away " by Hayao Miyazaki in 2001 Awarded Asian animation movie. Yang City said that although the starting point for the film is high, for the creative staff, the most important thing is that the film can meet the audience on the Chinese big screen. "We have been working hard from February to November." Big World "finally has the opportunity to meet with everyone in the cinema. Although the process is very difficult, I think this result is good."


Director Yoo Gun Secret Three years as a reason Users spontaneously draw the hearts of "big world"

At the event, many viewers marveled at the directors' efforts in three years, insisting on one person completing the screenplay, director, editing, dubbing and music of the entire animation. Talking about one person to complete the film production, director Yoo Gun explained to the audience the reasons for choosing this way of working: First, because of his personal style is relatively strong, not suitable for industrial production , but they also want to do a movie, so choose alone carry out. Second, because of his love for animation, it is not as hard for him to do a movie as he imagined. "It is very happy to be a film in three years without interruption and concentrate on doing things." Interestingly , Director Yoo Gun's last movie "Tingle me" was also his three years to complete one, he said with a smile, "Many of my friends thought I was gone." In addition, the director also said that and the previous " Compared with the movie, I learned more about the movie. Before that, when I was a painstaking painter, I was very confident in the art of cinema. However, after the "Big World", "You made every aspect They must be treated with confidence. "


In the movie exchange, the audience also put forward their own or interesting, or professional, or special perspective, the director Yoo Gun one by one answer. For example, on the movie screen expression, some viewers are curious about the slight pause in the movie screen. The director explained that his style is totally different from that of Japanese and Disney characters, not only in the style, scene and art style of the characters , In the animation language is completely different. "Big World" is more suitable for the simplest and most simple expression. "If you are accustomed to seeing Japanese movies that are very smooth in the United States, you may think that" Big World "has a bit of a card and actually did it on purpose. Many viewers said that this "missing frame" picture is more "big world" style.


In addition to professional exchanges, there are many viewers that the "big world" is quite inspiring for their own lives. After watching the movie, some people can see from the movie that there can not be any greed or "nothing else"; others also see that "there is a big world in the heart of every little person." Interestingly, there is a protagonist "Swallow" in the film has never appeared in the film, many viewers according to their own understanding of the Internet draw their own eyes swallow.

The movie "The Great World" will be released on January 12, 2018, one for three years, only for the sake of meeting with you.


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