Tu Men beat' Old Beast 'Huang Bo to win the Prairie Playboy, the 54th Golden Horse winner.

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On the evening of the 25th, the 54th Golden Horse Awards were held in Taipei. As usual, there were quite a few well-known and popular films and performers on the nomination list. However, the nominee for Best Actor and Actress of most concern was Huang Bo Tu Men , Takeshi Kaneshiro , Tian Zhuangzhuang , Shu Qi and Sylvia Chang .


The only Cenozoic force to be nominated for the Best Actress nomination for the Golden Horse Awards is Vicky Chen , 14, who won the 54th Golden Horse for Best Supporting Actress and Best Woman with " The Bold " and " Angels Wear White " Vicky Chen, the protagonist, undoubtedly became the most watched star in the night.

 Vicky Chen

Speaking of "Angels Wear White", Xiaobian think we should draw the focus, this film tells the story of the girl was sexually transmitted, but may take into account the affordability of people, the entire story does not use a lot of screen writing Intrusive cruel and unbearable, but the camera at the aftershock after the sexual invasion. More cruel, more unbearable. The film was released on November 24 with the slogan "Save the Children," and the day before the movie was released, the red-yellow kindergarten was exposed, sensational and well known. Few people really care about those wounded children just as they condemned those bad guys who were not as good as animals. Their traumatic feelings were restrained in their heart as they did in "Angels Wear White." However, it is such a Chinese version of the " melting pot ", but it totally does not cause the same opinion earthquake as the Korean version. After the release of the Korean version of the "Furnace," South Korea passed the melting furnace law because of the power of the people and stepped up its punishment of cases of sexual assault by handicapped and minors.

 Angels Wear White

In China, although this film has a score of 8.6 in watercress, but in the movie film only poor 1 %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%, almost no one cares about. Obviously, this is not the original intention of filming. It breaks the silence and protects children. I hope that there is no feeling of commentary and words no longer. I hope this Golden Horse Award will be nominated for everyone to see this film. Pay attention to those hurt children, reproduce the "melting pot" effect, so that attention to sexual abuse of children is really not just a slogan.

 Angels Wear White 剧照

Back to the Golden Horse Awards movie star, this year's Golden Horse Awards biggest surprise, but also a Tuya prince professional Tu Men, and get the best actor nominated actor such as Huang Bo and Takeshi Kaneshiro thought, Tu Men is too fresh Known, so, when he beat Huang Bo and Takeshi Kaneshiro award-winning, even the Tu Men own incredible. "Artists nominated me, you are based on talent and strength of the nomination, I am luck, thank you. "

 Tu Men

Also, Tu Men is probably the only movie star to fall asleep at the ceremony.

 Tu Men

The Golden Horse Organizing Committee wrote to him in his awarding ceremony: "Tu Men plays the old man in Old Beast , who is no longer the same but still bears the dread beast. His excellent performance is the soul of the film." The story of "Old Beast" took place in Erdos, Inner Mongolia. Laoyou (Tu Men), once a native of the First Brigade, went through the process of economic transition and went bankrupt to become a "lost man in Inner Mongolia." Lao Yang chasing back arrears fantasy gambling stand up, one day, he embezzled his wife's lifesaving surgery costs were kidnapped by their children, decided to unfilial brought to court, a contemporary family farce staged this.

 Old Beast 剧照

To put it plainly, is an old bastard, riches to do when the school and decadent decadent co-exist at the same time, when a good gambling, raising small bastard was put on the big screen, netizens said "this is not living Erdos version of the old gun children do? "One audience asked him, this play an old bastard, with the prince so different from the past, will challenge too much, Tu Men replied:" a long time with heart. "Although it is Tu was the first to play such a bastard role, but Tu Men was obviously handy when asked by reporters about "the biggest difficulty in making the play," Tu Men frowned, "What a challenge."

 Old Beast 剧照

It is such a casual Huh? Bel Bell , in the past two or three decades, starred in nearly thirty films and television, and his most well-known role of the audience, probably Li Yapeng version of " Swordsman " in Song Mountain to send the palm The door left Leng Zen.

 Tu Men 版左冷禅

After the film, Tu Men often play extraordinary, all-powerful "sweat", "single to", "princes."

 Tu Men

 Tu Men

Ewenki he can ride shot, but also played a lot of drama, but in fact he "does not like to see." Tu Men said: "The movie sets you up and the populace follows that Tu Men is probably the type of actor."

 Tu Men

This time, he again breakthrough self, obviously a very successful transition, but even won the movie actor, Tu Men was still modest and calm when he came to power, thanks to the wonderful acting skills of luck and said it was the highlight of the film's other stars With the success of his movie actor.

 Tu Men

After the awards ceremony to the fans signature, confident and casual. Even expensive for the movie actor, there is no shelter, more like a white hair and grandfather.

 Tu Men

December 11, starring Tu Men "Old Beast" will be released in theaters across the country, I believe this one won the 54th Golden Horse Award for best original screenplay and Golden Horse Award for best actor must not Will let you down.

 Old Beast

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