Asia's dancing king' alex to 'dance to america

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"Asian dance king" Alex To Dancing in full blast / / / / / / / / / / & have spent Love American concert

Recently, Alex To, known as the "Asian dance king", held a concert in the United States with his classic golden melody. At the beginning of the show, the shadow dance was very bright and creative, which caused a lot of calls from fans. The whole concert spent an unforgettable night with the audience with a series of classic songs such as "give my heart", "Lyubovnik" and "take it off".

As the earliest pioneer of adding rhythm and blues and soul music To songs in the Chinese music industry,Alex Towas the first male singer To lead the trend of dance music. By virtue of the music charm of the avant-garde ghost horse,Alex Tohas deeply influenced a generation and established the golden melody charm of "dou-style love song". The live performance of the concert made du sheng's singing performance more perfect. In addition to the vigorous dancing, gorgeous and fashionable style and fantastic stage effects, it gave a perfect interpretation of the definition of Asian dance king and perfect Lyubovnik.

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