Strong wind' by eleanor lee and xing zhao lin dialect exchange 'confessional' crazy hair sugar

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Star relations news: produced by ray pictures, directed by S.K.H. Li Ping Secondary School, Gao MingQian As producer and producer, Eleanor Lee, , Xing Zhao Lin, And the popular Thai actor Bad Genius The extreme youth cure inspiring drama starring Nonkul and others The Strong Wind The filming of the film is drawing to a close.Eleanor Lee,played the lead actress in all the drama, during the filming period,Eleanor Lee,is still in the heat of injury, and treated every scene with a professional attitude, it can be said that the youth is full of positive energy.

Filming superEleanor Lee,for the role of the vest line

As China's first youth healing TV series with mountaineering as the background,The Strong Windtells the story of a group of young people who lose, find, heal and grow through mountaineering. Eleanor Lee, who cut short and long hair to fit the role, is just like the heroine Lin feng in the drama. Lin feng, played by Eleanor Lee, is quick and straightforward in doing things. She has a stubborn and obstinate little temperament, as well as a firm and resolute inner world. Although she is upright and resolute in appearance, she also has her own persistence and pain deep inside. In addition, during the filming of the TV series, the difficult rock climbing and the super-hot environment in chongqing (over 40 degrees) were both physical and mental challenges for Eleanor Lee. To better illustrate the role of Eleanor Lee, I learned to climb from the beginning, and hung weiya to be wounded all over. Sweat like rain in the gym to work out the super difficult vest line; Wearing a fleecy down jacket in the heat; He was all wet and his hands were allergic and he didn't say a word. It is easy to see from all the above thatEleanor Lee,is not afraid of difficulties and does not stop to challenge the limits. Like the character Lin feng in the play, she has great tenacity and perseverance for everything. In this way, the audience can see the vigor and positive energy of the young generation.

The crew welcomed fans to the show to see howEleanor Lee,Xing Zhao Lin's "confessions" in her dialect had a sugar rush

On the eve of its release,The Strong Windheld a fan detective program in chongqing. Stars including Eleanor Lee,Xing Zhao Lin,and Nonkul were present.Eleanor Lee,looks youthful in a relaxed, sporty outfit, with a crisp, short hair, bright and vibrant. During the visit, several leading actors entertained and interacted with each other. The protagonists,Xing Zhao Lin,and Eleanor Lee, initiated the intimate interaction mode and continuously scattered sugar on high.Xing Zhao Lin,personally taughtEleanor Lee,to say "I love you" in different dialects, and fans of the crispy Fried cake scene really put on a "sweet blast".Eleanor Lee,also revealed her shooting experience, saying that "acting in the show fully developed her athletic talent". In the warm atmosphere of fans, the whole event was full of fun, and the gathering of three young actors gave the scene a youthful atmosphere. Strong Wind, the inspirational young drama about rock climbing, is expected to be presented in the end. In addition, the day's heartwarming fans also prepared drinks and fruit for the cast and crew to cool off for a while on a hot summer day.

From The Problem The Monitor adults From sea shepherd's tale to the intense post-production My Poseidon "" Mo language people From "Strong Wind" to "Strong Wind",Eleanor Lee,has been making unremitting efforts to climb the mountain, looking forward to her wonderful performance in the show, and also looking forward to the infinite possibilities brought by this new generation of flowers in the future.

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