Little Opera bone version of' Hongloumeng 'Yan value acting all online, the strength of rolling front line traffic niche?

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It is estimated that we did not expect a bunch of averaging 10-year-old children to shoot the little bone " Hongloumeng " will fire throughout the network, the National Day holiday beginning, the show was broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV and the Internet, netizens were praised, the audience Have said they were impressed by the performance of the small opera, the current drama has been broadcast finished, the score on the watercress has always been living in the high score of 9.3, which in this year's domestic drama market are very rare, Why is "Hongloumeng" so hot?


Hongloumeng small bone version of the reason why such a fire, and the whole scene layout, costumes, actors acting are inseparable. When the show just broadcast, countless netizens said that "watching children will play the game, the result of acting superb", "little bone-shoot people have the will to look down," you can see most of the people Is singing good, Xiao Bian I accept everyone's Amway, looked really impressed by their acting ah.


To say that the most successful show is to restore the classic, excellent drama innovation is very difficult, so the director of this new drama is mainly to restore the 87 version of "Hongloumeng" classic scene, plus these Children superb acting, the effect can be said to be very outstanding.


Let me first say that in the novel and the play of several protagonists, Lin Daiyu's little actress Queen can be described as " Queen of Heaven", the very aura of facial features, eyes can speak, "罥 smoke eyebrows, like a pair of hi non-hi containing dew .Something two 靥 worry, jing singled out the disease "This is a novel description of Lam Mui-Mui , and our little performers in order to be able to perform this effect, Almost to the shaved eyebrows, to play Lin Daiyu that cry is inevitable that the play, and Queen's crying is simply good enough, netizens Tucao "rejection of tears with an awkward actor A few streets. "



Saying that Baobao baby actor Bell baby , can be said to be successful circle of fans, ah, online is almost the same praise, "good temperament", "very comfortable appearance", "the drama is very playful", small Editor I also think People who are really too adorable, able to Bao Chai dignified and elegant temperament is well demonstrated, plus when the play that smile, butterflies fluttering scene, Xiaobian I really want to become a little girl.




童星版 Hongloumeng



Of course, this drama is the fireworks team work together, and Wang Xi Feng's actor, just appeared with a smart Jin, Wang Xi Feng's crisp, neat and articulate are very good reflected.

These little performers acting skills and lines are online, compared to other TV series hit on television now, netizens are Tucao "or not to block it, let the small fresh meat face where to put", " But the flow of fresh meat acting too bad ", and now traffic niche, Xiao Dan Dan's acting really need to be honed, ah, you set an estimated salary to be worth the drama of the whole play cost.




Performing arts circle predecessors who can not relax, ah, accidentally by these performing arts people also ask to go beyond the waves after the Yangtze River waves ......


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