Ace bodyguard' is about to release the gangster film can shoot the original so happy!

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"The death squad 3" director Patrick Hughes directed new work " ace bodyguards " September 19 at the Oscars in Manhattan International Cinema held in advance film activities, many viewers after the film spoke highly of the film.

After its release in North America, the film achieved decent box office results and became the only movie in the North American summer that won the weekend box office championship for a month. The film brings together top Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson starring SHIELD. In addition, the 75th Academy Award for Best Actress nominated sexy actress Salma Hayek fell in love with the killer Samuel L. Jackson formed a "temper CP", put on a true love story, to the audience Interpretation of "perfect match" word, extremely outstanding performance. Recently, the film side exposed a video of her interview, in the video, she shared with the audience in the playful language of the killer wife some experience and experience, bluntly as a woman boss: "There is a self-liberation and control of power feel."


The film tells of the arrival of his new client, a notorious killer, in the 1980s and '90s when a well-known five-star world-class bodyguard agent, Michael Bryce (played by Ryan Reynolds) reached Alexandra Daddario , (Played by Samuel L. Jackson). Over the years, the two have been vocal opponents, but now they are inseparable within 24 hours from the United Kingdom to The Hague. And the murderous European dictator Vladislav Duhovich (played by Gary Oldman ) will intercept them at all odds.

"Deadpool" partner "SHIELD" to create a new type of cops and robbers movie

" Killer's Bodyguard " has been the winner of two weeks of box office titles as of August 27 since North American release on August 18th. Cop gangster film was all the rage, after a long period of silence, "killer bodyguard" let it return again. Two starring Ryan Renault [2] and Samuel Jackson's charm, as well as the collision of the spark, giving the film a real charm. The best place to do the movie is, without falling into the tradition of gangster gangster film, inherited at the same time be innovative. For fans of the gangster gangster film, this movie can arouse memories of the classic gangster gangster films that were all the rage of the 80s and 90s. For young audiences who have not experienced that era, the film brings something fresh to the market now dominated by superhero films. Looked at two decent men with "cheap cheap" style interpretation of the funny plot, is really kind of unspeakable feeling.

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