Geng straight boy Joker Xue Asian new song list said cool before the funny than the old Xue behind so bitter!

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Recently, Joker Xue has always maintained a super high degree of topic in your circle.

August 27, Asia's new song list 2017 annual ceremony held in Beijing. That night, Joker Xue won the award for best male artist of the year. Joker Xue came to power to receive the award and said he is also "relying on Sina Weibo." He won the "Best Album" with " Beginners " and delivered a speech at the scene: " Tien Hsin is very good and very ashamed this time. I was particularly happy to get the prize that really caught my attention so I made a new album soon, The old rules, do not listen to it is not good! "(To be able to say so inadvertently said it is also not easy).


In the spotlight, Joker Xue appears to be light and clear. In fact, his heart has always been a straightforward boy. In particular, he dropped the microphone on the live broadcast of "Son of Tomorrow" on the evening of the 26th and left the scene abruptly. As a result, Because it is live show, an instant this thing spread throughout the Weibo.

The reason for the incident was that in the "tomorrow's son" PK match, players He Zi and Zhao Tian-yu PK, the program team told Joker Xue in advance to let Joker Xue vote for a vote, do not let him lose too ugly. Joker Xue think the program group's statement is advisable, so he voted for a vote, the result did not expect because of his ticket actually won, Zhao Tian-yu therefore be eliminated.


Joker Xue came to think it over, that Zhao Tian-yu was eliminated from his responsibility, if the program group can not change the results, he felt so overwhelmed Zhao Tian-yu. In a huff, appeared in the microphone this scene. Site Joker Xue is even more angry, said that if because of this change the outcome, will quit the role of the star promotion officer. The climax of things is not here, the climax is that this Hertz is simply a fictional character, is similar to the Luo Tianyi spicy-like two-dimensional singer. In addition to the simple sound in addition to others are fake, a little brother to do the sound source, and then the computer made into its "song" ↓



Soon after this program group touted the second element was put out behind the hand is the golden dad himself. (This way before the old Xue said the program group said a little bit of sight).


Here things are not over, Joker Xue angrily left half an hour later, the old Xue interpreted the farce as the end of Oolong. And in order not to affect the competition of other players, the old Xue still shows a funny way to make everyone happy. (Distressed old Xue ten seconds)


For this result apparently eat melon masses do not buy it, some netizens found old Xue in the background when no one noticed, or red eyes. More broke the news that Joker Xue cried for two hours after leaving. Not to mention that he cried for two hours this matter has not exaggerated, directed at him to stand up to tell the truth of the courage, but also successfully won the applause of many users. Especially in such a deep potholder, such a straightforward boy is so rare (the ghost knows what he has experienced for so many years).


From the draft singer to 懵 forced red net, the old Xue is a capital letter inspirational. Compared with the idol burden of many celebrities, he will be frank and straightforward that I want to red, I red can promote my music; I am short of money, I can make money album. For his own musical dream, he insisted for ten years, and even after the red to seize all the opportunities to appear, run notice, the purpose is to make money, make music.


Everyone who has heard of Joker Xue "Beginners" knows that in the ordinary times, it looks like he is sick with funny looking fangs and actually fears and scares his heart. He said "I'm afraid that as long as a piece is not funny, you will leave me." The man who teased on stage and was schizophrenic has no sense of security in his life and has serious delusions of paranoia.


Before Joker Xue participated in a variety show "Our Challenge," one of them was to learn about a person's heart through sand table games. After reading Joker Xue's sand table, the label the psychiatrist posted was a lone striver. And when Joker Xue's heart wound was "torn" a bit by a psychiatrist, Joker Xue burst into tears and immediately showed resistance, especially when referring to her grandmother, Joker Xue even more reluctant to cooperate with the seemingly In a joking tone, "I'm going crazy," Joker Xue did not cooperate with a psychiatrist to finish the test. He said at the end of the program that "I was unhealthy." Even so, he did not want to go face to face Yes, I hope something can always stay in my heart. This is what we see before the crazy people, people feel distressed Joker Xue.





Maybe like Joker Xue's song

"The actress I play with you, but not seen,

In competing for someone who loves you improvisely,

When do we start to put away the bottom line,

Follow the changes in the times to see those clumsy performances,

But why do you love me so much performance details,

What should I become to delay the tired,

It turned out to be the test of those who love to put down the defensive. "

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