Zhou Libo (comedian) rioting with guns, Sichuan “fraud” event and twos and threes "

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Zhou Libo (comedian) The United States has not decided yet on the issue of possession of firearms and has been living in the United States for its self-proclaimed pastoral life. On the evening of September 9, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan. On the morning of the 10th morning, Zhou Libo (comedian) immediately sent microblogging "My troubles will never be my troubles! The difficulties in the disaster areas are everyone's difficulties." Nguyen Thi Nawat Kulrattanarak needs action! "And said that through the Sichuan Red Cross Earthquake Disaster donation of 1.2 million. When users comment on the pray for the disaster area, support Bobo , followed by double-bogey farce has begun:

 Zhou Libo (comedian) (1)181.png

In the afternoon, Sichuan Youth League microblogging responded: "As of 12 August 2017, no donation has been received in the name of Mr. Zhou Libo (comedian) nor has it been received by Mr. Zhou Libo (comedian) himself or his client I would like to express my intention to donate 1.2 million yuan to compatriots in the quake-hit areas. "It is true that Bobo sent a micro-blog saying that donations should be checked immediately.

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Then Zhou Libo (comedian) immediately responded to the "donation fraud", saying "when it comes to disaster relief, lifesaving first ... Inter-bank transfer takes time (until 4 pm the day before arrival), but at 12 noon, the Sichuan Red Cross hastily released I would like to know why " Guo Meimei (Internet celebrity) " is back again. Can you check with us at least for a second statement before the Red Cross can stand at least Donor's position Think of giving us a little time, even if the "need to verify" than the "did not receive" seem less cold? I was thinking you are sitting in the office "office" scenario, to tell you the truth money Really a little worried .As donors, I hope you put down the bureaucracy, intentions to do charity ... ... ". The "Li Gui" farce came out, can feel Zhou Libo (comedian) a full stomach grievances, seems to have donated a pack of gas.

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The story reversed again, 19:44 on the evening of 19 Sichuan Youth League microblogging said: Sichuan Red Cross Zhou Libo (comedian) received 1.2 million donations, under the supervision of Mr. Zhou. This is awkward. User comments Fryer: what is it called someone to give the child sugar, red cross a slap in the face found wrong! This pot bank back it! Good stopping mechanism, effectively eliminate fraud.

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Some netizens said: "One side is unpaid money is full of world shackles, the other side is afraid of money fly, while the name, while for the benefit, both urgent." But Zhou Libo (comedian) donation is true , Not an ugly person can be black body, nor is it a man who can cover a hundred ugly. On the matter for the disaster area every donation is the mind. We are not in favor of frauds. Likewise, we are not in favor of pushing for donations. Borrow Zhou Libo (comedian) of a sentence: Jin to a place, a heart to a heart, a flow of blood! Sichuan, come on! China, come on!

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