Blessing of fans in Zhengzhou, Wu Jing (actor), Yu Qian free to see you “Wolf Warriors 2”

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" Wolf Warriors 2 " continued to heat up, the box office has exceeded 2 billion, coupled with the emergence of the theft and piracy things, so the entertainment section and the hot search was "Wolf Warriors 2" and Wu Jing (actor) occupied. However Xiaobian wants to talk to Wu Jing (actor) and Yu Qian : Do you still count?


The story stems from Wu Jing (actor) and Yu Qian on Weibo, and on July 16, both of them apologized to the audience and fans in Zhengzhou via video. Wu Jing (actor) said that because of the venues, Zhengzhou's propaganda and fan meeting Cancel, Wu Jing (actor) apologized to Zhengzhou audience and movie fan Zhong Zheng , but Yu Qian intervened and said: Do not apologize and come to the point. So honest Wu Jing (actor) immediately said to the camera, "No problem. After 7.28, I have 10 games with my modeler, allowing viewers to watch for free" added Yu Qian, "Focusing on the microblogging directed by Wu Jing (actor) and" Wolf Warriors 2 "official micro, let us watch the movie"


This is a remark, microblogging is very busy, Lay (entertainer) , Yang Yang (actor) , Bai Jingting , Michael Chan expressed great expectations, support Wu Jing (actor) Also a message that eat less bowl of noodles, the audience watching the movie. There are netizens watch no obscenity novels, this is called responsible, this is called play, compared to Yang Mi , really do not want to say anything. Xiaobian want to say what you want to say ?!


As Wu Jing (actor) and Yu Qian come and come to Zhengzhou to invite viewers to watch movies for free, we do not need to be too serious. Xiao Bian would like to say that Wu Jing (actor) as a public figure treats the audience attitude that is commendable Only you seriously treat the audience, they really are the gods, then the road leading to the artist is not far away, just as users say, do not pack ten games we also support you!

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