Lei wu kiss on schedule? you can't kiss the calling of the throng.

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Star connection September 14The popular young adventure drama Sand "Last night has entered the final stage of the play, li and wu xiulian plot are all step by step into the climax. How long will li tuo need to crack the secrets of wang's family? Can wu xiushi's 10-year plan be completed successfully? These became the most anticipated places for the audience. And for Lei Wu The heart of the emotional line, the scriptwriter is finally on the arrangement.

In last night's plot, li tuo, trapped in the wang family, welcomed the black class examination again. Wang xiaoyuan, who always had a grudge against her, left the chance of survival to her again and again during the examination. At the critical moment when li was about to be defeated by his opponent, li, who fell to the ground, recalled the fight action that black glasses taught him in Beijing, gutong, and finally defeated his opponent, winning the life for himself and wang xiaoyuan. Small a section of wonderful fight play, let audience plaint in succession appearance level ultra high duck pear, the skill is also agile clean, very handsome.

In a single training then li clusters and Wang Xiaoyuan, two way time, li clusters in a landslide such Wang Xiaoyuan, let Wang Xiaoyuan honor their commitment of "let you kiss it won", a face slowly approaching Wang Xiaoyuan, may see the screen in front of the audience shouted blood slot is empty, but finally did not kiss, a big wave according to the army head has been on the road.

In the following trailer, li and wang finally face a parting scene, li burst into tears, their fate what? Fantastic continues to lock in theSandfinale today and tomorrow night.

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