“my nanny handbook” meets bottleneck. indipa joins hands with jiarong lv to advance and retreat together."

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Linkeddb News November 29& have spent In the workplace, both novice and senior employees will inevitably encounter difficulties that are difficult to overcome. The entertainment industry is no exception. Many films and television works will magnify the hardships in life on the screen Jiarong Lv Played by the female agent LAN LAN in the work after years of ups and downs, but is about to face the bottleneck period of the company's operation, she in the play and the ups and downs of indipa, was praised "best partner".

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LAN LAN for su da hao borrowed money to make a film to maintain the company's funds

Film needs not only excellent production team and actors, need more of is a great investment, "My nanny faced", "blue ding entertainment" LanLan firm, in the period of capital turnover difficult and now just had the hottest IP "dragon preach" copyright, LanLan are su da hao strive for the best resources and the most powerful guarantee of funds, she hide from su hao borrowing 20 million, only to reassure his shooting, to the company's financial concerns.

< / p > < p > assistant reminded LAN LAN, now is the middle of the film shooting, the amount borrowed is not enough to arrange the late shooting, at this time, she and a company called era assets to talk, and got the investor's favor, LAN LAN talked about the cooperation, the film is also successful shooting. After cooperating with new investment enterprises, LAN LAN finally took a breath of relief, she tried her best to maintain the capital operation for the company, not only to do a good job itself, but also to su da hao gave high hopes.

LAN LAN for su da hao borrowed money to make a film to maintain the company's funds. JPG

Grow up in adversity

Pressure in work often can also create motivation. My nanny handbook finally ushered in the plot which made the audience helpless under the foresetting of the first 15 episodes. The blue ding company is facing a bottleneck period. In the face of a number of media interviews, LAN LAN said she was optimistic about the strength of the company and the actor, she has confidence in their choice, but also have confidence in the ability of su dahao.

He grew up in adversity

The news of her foreign clarified companies face collapse, and said the movie will be good box office, but the result is not satisfied, by Yu Lan ding entertainment unprepared for the film production experience, coupled with too pursuit of commercial effect, ultimately failed to reach 4 million at the box office, LanLan almost collapsed when he heard the news, she leaned against the wall muttered to himself: "blue pot should be finished. Even out of adversity, LAN LAN still choose to stabilize the state of mind of su da hao, tell him the problem is not big, blue ding will be fine.

Indipa joins hands with Jiarong Lv to advance and retreat

Blue haze silently pay, su dahao all put in the heart, he is also worried about the prospects of the company, and to blue haze expressed "I am with you." A calm and strong, a sense of responsibility bursting, Jiarong Lv and indipa the two main characters of the inner world interpretation is very good, their tacit understanding and persistence can save the company in danger? Please watch the next episode of My nanny handbook.

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