Kenny kwan steven cheung (actor) on jetmagazine there is a youth called boyz

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Recently, BOYZ combined Kenny Kwan, (Kenny), Steven Cheung (actor) ( Steven ) on the list of JET Magazine, the two of them rekindled their memories together: "there is a youth called BOYZ!"

Earlier,Kenny Kwan,andStevenCheung were in Hins Cheung, In the concert as a guest, the three chorus "death do not change" caused the audience to scream non-stop! & have spent Before BOYZ could react, the four minutes turned into their first concert in 15 years,Kenny Kwan,said. Albert Yeung "(he laughed a little, but didn't think it would work.

The BOYZ concert is named "The Unboxing Live", which means to bring back memories of The box. BOYZ started out in 2003 and reorganized as Sun Boy's in 2005.Kenny Kwan,andSteven Cheung (actor)met briefly in 2011 but have since grown apart. On BOYZ's fifteenth anniversary, they were playing together again, feeling like they were back in the game.Kenny Kwan,said: "we've been working together for two days as if we were the same Boy 'z. It's like Peter Pan's neverland, and it takes us all out of our day jobs for a while, back to when we were boys 15 years ago." In fact, Boy 'z became BOYZ. Although he grew up, he was still young.

When it comes to the days when BOYZ worked together,Kenny Kwan,andSteven Cheung (actor)don't just exchange insults, they make everyone laugh. When asked if they were looking back,Kenny Kwan,shook his head: "they feel more grateful. Twins, the original male version, were not the two of us, but we ended up forming Boy 'z; When the road has been a thousand love with a halo, by many people's care and love. Now that we have grown up with each other, this year is really a beautiful time for us to get together again."

BOYZTheUnboxingLive concert will be held at Star Hall in Hong Kong on oct.16.

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