Episode:48Area:China Mainland
Stars:Junyi Wang Cathy Wenqi Zhao More>>Language:Mandarin
Genre:Anti-japanese war


The Savior tells Shao Hua, the enterprising business and business community, who heads the New Fourth Army to send reconnaissance staff Gu MeiCun after the Southern Anhui Incident. Shao Hua, inspired by the Chinese communist united front, cooperated with Bu DeXian and became a reliable ally of our party in launching the united front work in Yuyang. They cooperated with each other and found that the behind-the-scenes evil forces that provoked the infighting within the various factions in Yuyang were related to a beautiful and charming woman who was Shen ZiQing, a reporter from the Central News Agency. At the same time, she also unexpectedly learned that she was the sister of Shao Hua, who was missing in her childhood. In order to save her sister, Shao Hua fought in his thirst and aroused his deceased sister Shen ZiQing. With the help of the Communist Party, her brothers and sisters joined hands to fight wars with the Japanese city defense commander, Teng Yuan Tien. During the battle of the New Fourth Army to reclaim Yu Yang, Shen ZiQing sacrificed. During the blood and fire baptism, Shao Hua married Bu DeXian and worked with Gu MeiCun to nurture Shen ZiQing's orphan. However, the anti-human actions of the Japanese militarists have given them untouchable pain. & Nbsp ;.

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