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August Filmography(2)


I will not be bullied by the girls (TV)[2018]

Feature: "I will not be bullied by girls," tells the story of the host Ye Lin (August ornaments) in high school life trying not to bully his girlfriend as a child to continue to bully, but inexplicably suffered one after another with very different personality Beauty bully story.

Fairy tale half (TV)[2012]

Feature: "One-half of a fairy tale" tells Zhao TingXuan, a group of twins who had been separated since childhood. Since her grandfather was old and her sister was seriously ill, sister Zhao TingYu was brought back to protect her family and revive Family duties. In order to smooth the transition Zhao enterprises, in the face of the ambitious Jing QingYu, the original two strange sisters must eliminate the gap, cooperate with each other, make concerted efforts against rivals, and always accompany them to face this battle is the sister's fiance Du Jing Wei, the son of YuFeng and Jing QingYu. In the process, the two sisters inspire their own strength, but also taste the sweetness and bitterness of growth. The most important thing is that they finally realize the real meaning of "family" and "loved ones." & nbsp ;.

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