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The dawn of Chinas revolution (Movie)[1953]

Feature: During the Qing Dynasty, Qiu Jin went to Beijing with her husband and witnessed the partition of the powers from China. The people were unlucky, they were in a heavy mood. They decided to walk in the path of Taiyan, Zou Rong and Chen Tianhua. They left Japan for study abroad and took part in revolutionary work. She met Sun Yat-sen, entrusted by the main league people in Zhejiang. After returning home, Qiu Jin founded "China Women's Daily" to succeed Xu XiLin as Governor of Chase School. In line with Xu XiLin's uprising in Zhejiang and Anhui Provinces, Qiu Jin actively purchased arms and built up an alliance with Wang JinFa. Xu XiLin assassinated Governor En Ming at the expense of the government secretly arrested Xu's ally Qiu Jin. Qiu Jin is in danger, refuses to withdraw, resolves to die, and woke up the countrymen. After being arrested, she left the poem of "autumn wind sadness Sharen", righteousness awe-inspiring, calmly justified.

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