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Populus euphratica

Populus euphratica


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  • 1982-9-5
Populus euphratica is a kind of plant of angiosperm door, dicotyledonous plant, five-fruiting subfamily, willow-head, willow branch and poplar. It is a deciduous medium-sized natural tree with a diameter of up to 1.5 meters, delicate woody and broad leaves Fragrance. Drought and waterlogging, life tenacious, is one of the rare species in nature. Populus euphratica Up to 200 years old, trunk straight, 10-15 meters high, thin shrubs. Leaves strange, because of the growth in the extremely desert region, in order to adapt to the arid environment, the growth of young shoots on the branches of long and narrow leaves, such as willow, the old branches of large trees are rounded, such as Yang.

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