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Linkeddb included Anna Leung Wife 1.

Eddie Kwan, born February 5, 1962 in Hong Kong, China, Hong Kong, China Actor, singer. In 1982, participated in the debut of the 11th wireless artistes training debut; the same year in Wang Mingquan, Xie Xian starring TV series "Never Ends" is the youth Nguyen Van Han. In 1988, starring Tony Leung Chiu Wai's TV series "peerless" as the corner of Jiang Yu Lang; in 1990, starring in Taiwan, China as the TV series "Tian Long Ba Bu" played reputation. In 1995 September, in the TVB version of "Little Li knife" starring in the first actor Li Xun Huan; the same year, with the expiration of the TVB, went to Taiwan, development in 1996, participated in the Chinese Taiwan TV series "New Dragon Inn" 1997 In March of that year, the television drama "Interpol" starring Fang Zhongxin in Hong Kong's Asia Television station acted as Iron Blood Interpol. In 2003, returned to the TVB. In April 2013, starring "Golden Devil 2" as Kun Opera Yunqiu strings.

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