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Yunxi Luo

Yunxi Luo


  • Male
  • Leo
  • 177
  • 1988-07-28
  • Chengdu, China
Luo Yun Xi (Leo), born July 28, 1988 in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, graduated from the Shanghai Theater Academy Dance Academy, a Chinese male singer and actress. On December 27, 2010, Luo Yun Xi debuted as a JBOY3 combo member. On behalf of her work, the film "Meet You When It's Beautiful"; the TV series "Why Silent," He Yichen, "Daddy's Daughter" , "Elder Love Song", "pediatrician", etc .; online drama "The Ultimate Ranger", "screen in the fox", "Corpse"; music "love contract book", "summer Weiyang" Wait.

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Linkeddb included Yunxi Luo Celebs Relationship 4 ,And Partner 3 ,The original Jboy3 teammates 1 。

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