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Jun Cai

Jun Cai


  • Male
  • Capricorn
  • 1978-12-23
  • Shanghai, China
Jun Cai was born on December 23, 1978 in Shanghai, a Chinese suspense writer and a member of the Chinese Writers Association. At the age of 22, he began publishing novels, and for the first time in nine consecutive years, he maintained the most Gao Gao sales record for Chinese suspense novels. More than 20 novels have been published, and the sales volume of Jun Cai's suspense novels has exceeded 10 million. Jun Cai's writing genre belongs to traditional suspense and excels at creating an atmosphere of terror. His representative works include "Virus" "CurseofLola" "Cat Eye" "God is watching you" "Night Half Flute" "Ghost Inn" "Curse of the Deserted" "Hell of the 19th floor" "Rare Village Returns" "Marguerite's Secret "Revolving Door" "OnFallenWings" "TianJi" "Human" "KillTime" "Hell Change" "Life and Death" "Peeping 120 Days" "The Longest Night" "The Longest Night 2nd Season "just like yesterday." In 2014, attending the establishment of Youzu Film Industry and the 2015 Press Conference.

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