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Linkeddb included Shishi Liu Chum 5.

Shishi Liu Chum

Linkeddb included Shishi Liu Chum 5.

Karen Tsai


Karen Tsai (Karen Tsai), born in Xiamen, Fujian Province in 1975, is the president of Shanghai Tangren Film Production Co., Ltd., film and television producer and art dealer. In 1998 the establishment of the Chinese film, the company's business includes film and television investment, film and television production, film and television distribution, cultural publishing, 3D animation, actor brokers.

Xiaoting Guo, born on January 2, 1993 in Changning District, Shanghai, studied at the Shanghai Theater Academy and the Mainland film and television actress. In 1999, with the idol drama "truth confession" and entered the showbiz. In 2009, starred in costume fantasy drama "Paladin 3" and emerge. In 2010, participating in female emotional inspirational drama "End of the World weaver." In 2011, with court drama "step by step startling" get attention. In 2015, starred in urban family light comedy "Tiger Mom Cat Dad"; the same year, she also starred in the age suspense detective drama "eternal dream." In 2016, in addition to starring in costume fantasy drama "Legend of the Sword"; she also with the costume drama "Shaolin asked Road" get more attention. In 2017, she starred in the urban emotional drama "a peach Blossom", the modern idol drama "That piece of the sky that piece of the sea" have been broadcast; subsequently, she starred in costumes through the network drama "look Qin Ji" boot shooting; the same year in October, Starring sitcom "crazy theater" boot. In 2018, starred in the passionate youth inspirational drama "Yan Fan Fan's new youth", in the play as Xi Xian Er corner.

MEN'S UNO Global Chinese Super Men's Contest Overall championships on both sides of the Taiwan Strait Dramas: 2011: TV Dramas Hu Yan Tang Yan Ho Run-To Director: Jiang Jiajun Actor: Zhang Dayu 2010: Taiwanese idol drama "Xia Jia San Qian Jin" Tang Yan Chen Chu River Director: Shen Yi Men II: Yan Liheng 2009: 38 sets of large-scale TV series "Boys character" Starring: Liu Ye ..

Mini Yang


Yang Mi (Chinese: 杨幂, born 12 September 1986) is a Chinese actress and singer. She made her acting debut in historical television series Tang Ming Huang, and later received recognition for her leading roles in various television series Chinese Paladin 3 (2009), Palace (2011), Swords of Legends (2014), The Interpreter (2016) and Eternal Love (2017); as well as films Mysterious Island (2011), Tiny Times (2013–2015), The Breakup Guru (2014) and The Witness (2015). In 2017, she won the Best Actress award at the WorldFest Houston International Festival for her performance in Reset (2017).

Zuxin Ye


Zuxin Ye, born in Quzhou, Zhejiang Province on July 8, 1984, is an actor in mainland China. She studied at the Dance Academy of Hangzhou Academy of Performing Arts and the North England Performing Arts College. In 2003, participated in the youth love drama "Romance on the beach" played the official debut of Sun Wei. In 2005, the costume drama "Li Xiaohuan and Miao Cuihua" plays Fang Shiyu. In 2011, participating in the show through the TV drama "step by step startling" played ten god emerge; participating costumes mythology TV drama "Living Buddha Ji Gong 2" one person will be decorated with clear, fairy child corner. In 2012, starring in the costume martial arts drama "The New White Hair Witch Biography" played by the audience favorite. In 2013, he participated in costume historical legend TV series "Heroes of the Sui and Tang Dynasties 3" and "Heroes of the Sui and Tang Dynasties 4", playing the role of Xue Dingshan. In November, he won the Leap of the Year Awards at the 2013 Power Power Awards Ceremony. In 2014, he participated in Fan Datong, a costume comedy drama "Sharp Ren Ren". In 2015, he starred in the costume drama "Shushan Warrior Legend", playing the extraordinary medical pie; participated in the anti-Japanese drama "Iron in the burning" plays a go-go Dudou Wa; the same year starring in the romantic comedy movie " Release. In 2016 he participated in the urban industry drama "A Red," playing Min Long. In March 2017, the film "Suspect X Dedicated" was released and was played by police officer Luo Miao.

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