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Double gun (TV)[2003]

Feature: The hero Ying Xiong is a hairdresser who just stepped into the hairdressing industry. One day he went to work on his way and accidentally hit "dead." Lv Xia {homonym: woman} met her father for the first time. And you wife {You Ping {homophonic: "oil bottle" bottle} see this will take this opportunity to request Ying Xiong to take up the responsibility to take care of mothers and daughters, and everything entangled Ying Xiong, Ying Xiong how to avoid the end will not escape the mother Girls two palms heart. Double ring gun publicity photos but did not expect Ying Xiong peach life constantly, often encounter some bloody, difficult to parry quality women, almost make Ying Xiong fall into the trap of beauty, which mother and daughter in order to protect their own men , Afraid of falling into the hands of other women Ying Xiong, always diligent, come up with his life-long treasure box unique, exhausted means Ying Xiong again and again. Every time I return, waiting for Ying Xiong's life is dark, so again and again, Ying Xiong finally eyes full of tears shouting toward the sky, "a man will eventually be enslaved by two women ---- wife and wife-in-law."

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