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Qiao Feng (1060-1093), formerly known as Qiao Feng, Jin Yong's martial arts novel "Dragon 8" actor. Qiao Feng was born in the Liao Dynasty and grew up in the Song Dynasty. In fact, he was a Khitan man. His biological father was Xiao Yuan-shan, the head of the Liao Koo Shan Army. Qiao Feng, who was fostered at the time of his death, Joe Samoyed couple) home, named Qiao Feng. He martial arts world, under the Shaolin and beggars, and Murong complex and known as the "Northern Qiao Fengnan Murong", as a young master in the arena of the Twin Peaks. Qiao Feng was brave and brave, heroic and valiant, did not anger and self-resentment, served as the largest arena gang benefactor, during the beggars in charge of eight years, has led the Beggars to help the Northern Song Dynasty to fight against foreign enemies as its own duty, during which 吒 叱According to the situation, Taishan Beidou, the leader of the martial arts group, was forced to abdicate after being unveiled. During her quest for a lifetime, Qiao Feng got acquainted with Duan Yu and Zhuang Zhu, and with his righteousness, Jin Lan also met his confidante Arjuna. Hero Wanyan Ah Gundam, and in Liaodong help brother Liaodong Yelv Hongji to quell the rebellion, the official worship of the South hospital king, was closed to the king. However, for the peace between the two countries and the unwillingness of the people, Qiao Feng refused to take office as generalissimo and prevented Liao Emperor from attacking Song and threatening Yelv Hongji to order that Liao Jun and his army would not cross the border between Song and Liao for the rest of their lives, Decades of peace, then resorted to broken arrow Yanmenguan outside, at the age of 33. Qiao Feng's life is righteous, faithful to love, loyalty to the country and nation, life experience is bumpy and tragic, his mind is swallowed up by mountains and rivers. He advocates humane peace and chooses to save the world from self-destruction. It is a heart-benevolent compassionate person who transcends his ideological realm National and national tragedy hero.

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