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Linkeddb included Lyric Lan Girlfriend 1.

Jun Cao


Neil Cao (Neil), born in Shanghai on February 9, 1988, is a Mandarin actress and graduated from Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts. In 1996, starred in the first personal TV series "real life little monk", which officially entered the showbiz. In 1997, won the "second Asia Television Festival" best newcomer award. In 1998, launched the first solo album "Star Wish". In 1999, in the costume fairy tale drama "lotus boy" which starring actor. In 2000, starring martial arts drama "Chivalry off." In 2001, starring costume comedy "Nine-year-old County Lord." In 2002, in the costume drama "Lotus Lights" actor act as incense. In 2004, starring costume drama "chicken auspicious." In 2007, starring costume drama "Lotus Lantern Biography." In 2009, starring youth inspirational movie "I want to fly." In 2010, starring magic magic drama "King of games." In 2012, starred in criminal suspense drama "step by step killing machine." In 2013, Lu Dongyu was played in the magical comedy "Magic Phone 2 Silly Girl Returns". In 2015, starred in the mystery of the age of "behind the secret." In 2016, starred in the detective suspense drama "Dragon Explorer." In 2017, starring youth campus movie "Nice to meet you."

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