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Linkeddb included Liya Tong Friends 4.

Liya Tong Friends

Linkeddb included Liya Tong Friends 4.

Mini Yang


Yang Mi (Chinese: 杨幂, born 12 September 1986) is a Chinese actress and singer. She made her acting debut in historical television series Tang Ming Huang, and later received recognition for her leading roles in various television series Chinese Paladin 3 (2009), Palace (2011), Swords of Legends (2014), The Interpreter (2016) and Eternal Love (2017); as well as films Mysterious Island (2011), Tiny Times (2013–2015), The Breakup Guru (2014) and The Witness (2015). In 2017, she won the Best Actress award at the WorldFest Houston International Festival for her performance in Reset (2017).

Stephy Qi


Qi Wei, also known as Stephy Qi, is a Chinese singer and actress.

Lu Gao


Lu Gao, born in Beijing and Mainland China, is an actress graduated from the Department of Performing Arts at the Central Academy of Drama. In 1999, starred in the drama about middle school students learning life theme "Dreams" and debut. In 2003, starring urban youth fashion show "Sunshine Beauty." In 2006, he was attracted by Jin Yan as the urban emotional drama "Youth-Related Days." In 2011, he was awarded the Best Newcomer of the Year by TV Drama Festival Gala and the Best Woman Newcomer at the 2011 Summer TV Internet Festival by Xue Li in the Family Ethics Series "Nth Power". April 13, 2015, starring metropolis light comedy "cool dad Qia Mian" premiere on the star, plays the role of self-confident independent architect Fan Li. July 24, starring drama "little parents" premiere. In 2016, he participated in the urban surgery drama "Surgeons." In 2017, participating in spy drama "perfect match."

Xuan Dong


Xuan Dong was born on November 5, 1982 in Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang Province. He graduated from Beijing Film Academy with 2000 undergraduate performance and is a film and television actress in mainland China. In 2003, starred in martial arts drama "Snow Dragon" and entered the showbiz. In 2005, starring costume martial arts "gentleman good 逑." In 2008, with the feature film "Li Chun" nominated for the 27th Golden Rooster Award for Best Supporting Actress; the same year, she also starred in martial arts costume "Eight Heroes." In 2009, due to starring drama "break through the Middle East" get more attention. In 2010, starring urban suspense drama "impeccable beauty cloud" and youth inspirational comedy "adolescence hit menopause." In 2011, she starred in the love drama "What's New to Save You, My Love," and Metropolitan War Drama "Invincible Master"; the same year, she also held a wedding with Gao Yunxiang in Beijing. In 2014, Lin Chao-ying, once again the founder of the tomb faction in the martial arts drama "Condor Heroes," once again received the attention. On June 2, 2016, Xuan Dong gave birth to a daughter dimple in Beijing. In 2017, starred in the tango tango and costume drama "Three Kingdoms".

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