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Minghan He

Minghan He


  • Leo
  • 182
  • 1980-08-13
  • Rugao, China
Minghan He (heminghan) was born on August 13 in Rugao City, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy and is an actor in mainland China. In 2002, when Minghan He was a sophomore, Minghan He starred in the show's first TV series "The Eighteen Years of the Sky". In 2005, starred in the family emotional drama "family tree" in the entertainment emerge. In 2008, starred in family warmth drama "100 Mei Qian Jiao." In 2009, with the feature film "Tomorrow" won the Billboard best actor; the same year, starred in the myth of comedy costumes "Shinchi public living Buddha." In 2010, starring youth network drama "youth diary." In 2011, starred in the history of the movie "The First President." In 2012, starring rural emotional drama "life and death support." In 2013, he got more attention as a Lin family in the family ethics drama Love Bodyguard. In 2015, starring courageous drama "Do not let me see"; subsequently, starred in the suspense inspirational comedy "cook detective"; the same year, he also starred in the era war love drama "lover comrades." In 2016, he played Zhang Shen in the emotional war drama "Living Laws". In 2017, starring in the era of war drama "Jagged Glory"; in May, starring metropolis idol love network drama "President wrong favoritity sweetheart" broadcast, in August, and William Chan, starring Ma Si-chun starring "orange red" officially boot, Currently in hot film.

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