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Linkeddb included Zhan-Wen Keu Friends 2.

Jing Wu


Wu Jing (actor), born April 3, 1974 in Beijing, China Mainland film actor, film director, graduated from Beijing Sport University. In 1989 entered the Beijing martial arts team. In 1994 won the national martial arts competition elite squad, champion. In 1995, starred in the first movie "kung fu boy off the pass", which entered the showbiz. In 1998 due to the costume drama "Tai Chi Master" as Yang Yu dry corner of the audience is well known. Starring martial arts in 1999, "Little Li knife." In 2003 to Hongkong to develop film industry. In 2005 he acted in an action film "Kill the Wolf" and first tried the villains. In 2007, won the 44th Taiwan Golden Horse Film Awards Best Supporting Actor nomination by virtue of action robbery film "The True Color of Man". In 2008, he began to work as director in the transition and directed the director's debut spike in the same year. In 2012 in the military drama "I am the special forces of the edge of the sheath" in the first play as a soldier. 2015 starring crime suspense film "kill the wolf 2"; the same year, self-directed self-proclaimed military war film "Wolf", and by virtue of the film won the 33rd public film Bai Hua Award for best director nomination, the 22nd Beijing Best Student Film Festival Award for the University, the 20th Huading Award for best new cutting-edge director. 2017 self-directed action film "Wolf" 2, the box to break the box office records in mainland China and the global single-box office box office record, with the film won the fourteenth Guangzhou University Film Festival students most welcome director and most College Student Welcome Actor Award, 4th Silk Road International Film Festival Outstanding Contribution Individual Award, 2017 China - ASEAN Film Festival Best Film Award. December 2017, was named the annual attraction star.

Zheng Guolin, born in Shanghai, China on May 27, 1976, is a film and television producer and producer in the Mainland. In 2003 starred in "Sui Tang hero" Li Shimin. 2010 Starring "Five-Star Red Flag Fluttering in the Wind" won the 28th Chinese TV series "Flying Award" first prize, Zheng Guolin plays two bouncing elements Deng Jiaxian in the play. In 2013, he played Tang Liping in the drama "Like a Sparkle Butterfly", which won the "Top Ten Outstanding TV Dramas" in the Top Ten TV Production Awards. In 2014 starring "Sui Tang hero 3" plays Taizong Li Shimin. In 2016, he starred in malevolent actress Zhao Yi.

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