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Zhan-Wen Keu

Zhan-Wen Keu

Actor|Director|Associate director / assistant director

  • Scorpio
  • 174
  • 1966-11-19
  • Beijing China
Zhanwen Kou, born in Beijing on November 19, 1966, is an actor and martial arts director and director. In 1983 September intoWuhan Wushu team, starring in 1988, the first movie "Wonderful man". 1994 starring costume drama "New Seven Chivalrous Five", in 2000 in Ang Lee's "Crouching Tiger" in the Chinese martial arts as a guide. During the period 2000-2004, he participated in the "Happy Pig Pig", "Fu Xing Gao Zao Pig" and "Happy Pig Pig". After the age began to try to serve as executive director, martial arts guidance. In 2007, he directed "Flowers of the Wind, Moon and Evil" as a martial arts guide. In April 2008, he directed "Great Anti-town." In 2010, Dazhang Zhang, Zhuang Haoquan and others starred in "Wu Dong Qing Chun". In 2011, Zheng Jun co-starred with the director TV series "Dawn Lore." In 2012 director "wrong mandarin duck" In 2014 and Fan Xiaotian, directed the Republic of China theme drama "Big World."

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