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Jingan Wu

Jingan Wu


  • Male
  • 180
  • 1958-09
  • Xi'an, China
Wu Jingan, born in September 1958 in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, native of Hebei, graduated from the PLA Art Academy and is a national actor. In 1988, for the first time in the crime movie "Death Tracker." In 1995, starred in the history of the war movie "Incident" and "behind the enemy armed forces team." In 1996, starring drama "Xiangjiang River" by the Chinese drama "plum prize." In 1998, the historical drama "The Story of Hongqi Qu" won the first prize of the 18th China TV Series Flying Award. In 2006, with the starring "red flag" won the 23rd China Golden Eagle TV audience favorite TV actor. In 2007, in the historical costume drama "Daqin Straight Road" decorated Meng Tian. In 2009, starring inspirational drama "tide like song." In 2012, starring family emotional drama "are brothers." In 2013, participated in the military drama "I am a fire of the special forces". In 2014, the war drama "My Special First Camp" starring was formally completed. July 14, 2014 Afternoon Wu Jingan was seriously injured in traffic accidents.

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