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Xiaoqing Liu

Xiaoqing Liu


  • Famale
  • Scorpio
  • 160
  • 1955-10-30
  • Fuling, Chongqing, China
Liu Xiaoqing, born in Chongqing Fuling on October 30, 1955, graduated from the middle of Sichuan Conservatory of Music in 1970. Selected by Bayi Film Studio in 1973, she acted as the heroine of the Great Wall of the South China Sea and jumped onto the screen. In 1975, he joined the National Youth Federation of the People's Republic of China and went to the screen three months later. In 1979 with "flowers" emerge. In 1980 formally transferred to Beijing Film Studio. In the same year due to starred in "Look at this family" won the Best Public Film 100 Flower Award for Best Supporting Actor. In 1987 due to play "Furong Town" "Hu Yuyin" won the 7th China Golden Rooster Award for Best Actress movie, the 10th popular film Best Award for Best Actress, the first session of the Chinese Academy of Film and Entertainment Golden Phoenix Performance Society prize. In 1988 by virtue of the movie "Wilderness" "Flower of gold" corner of the 11th mass film award for best actress and the second session of the Chinese Academy of Film and the Golden Phoenix Award for Performance Academy Award. In 1989 with the "Spring Peach" won the 12th Popular Film Award for Best Actress. In 1991, starring movie "eunuch Li Liangying." 1992 won the 13th public film Baihua award special award. In 1995, starring TV series "Empress Wu." In 2004, starring TV drama "river east." In 2005, starring drama "Lotus Light", as the Queen Mother. In 2010, starring drama "cloud sleeve." In 2014, she was awarded the fashion influential person award at the 2013 China Fashion Festival. 2016 starring Qi history drama "Empress Wu." Liu Xiaoqing is a national-level actor of the People's Republic of China, a member of China Film Association and a member of China Writers Association. As vice president of China National Academy of Performing Arts, Tianjin People's Art Theater art consultant.

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