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Heidi wong Mother

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Angela Gao, born in 1991, actress in mainland China. In 2011, Angela Gao participated in the Miss Chinese New York Division race, won the "Miss Mirror" title, into the entertainment circle. In 2012, Angela Gao, along with her mother, Wang Ji, starred in the TV series "Life and Death" directed by director Xie Cui. July 22, 2013 in the TV series "the day of the pursuit of happiness" starred, cooperation actor Zhang Hongjie, Shen Junyi, Wang Ji and so on. In September 2014, Angela Gao starred in Shao Bing directed the TV series "Together", plays Huang Jian Ni in the play. In 2016, he participated in the TV series "Marshal" and the TV series "My Mom and Dad." In 2016 starring "female soldiers assault", starred in hot and spicy sex special female soldiers Song Zishan, turned black belt Tae kwon do four fighting king. In 2017, a new generation of spokesperson Rongsheng refrigerator.

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