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Linda Jui-Chi Liu

Linda Jui-Chi Liu


  • Famale
  • Sagittarius
  • 1960-12-09
  • 'Taiwan, China'
Linda Lau, born December 9, 1960 in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Taiwan film actress. In 1981, Linda Lau starred in the student movie "co-ed." And into the showbiz. In 1983, starring song and dance movie "take the wrong car" in the United States corner. In 1987, Linda Lau began to participate in the TV show, participating in the "report monitor." In 1994, participated in the love movie directed by Tsui Hark "Butterfly Lovers." In 2004, participated in Taiwan idol drama "Dolphin Bay lover." In 2006, participated in the idol drama "affectionate password", by which the drama won the 42nd Taiwan TV Golden Bell Award for best actress nomination for drama. In 2009, starring Hakka TV drama "Nuwa marriage," won the 44th Taiwan TV Golden Bell drama actress. In 2011, Linda Lau starred in the fashion show "Summer House three gold." In 2014, participated in the modern drama "ladder of desire." On October 8, 2016, Linda Lau won the Best Supporting Actress for the 51st Taiwan TV Golden Bell Award for Drama for "The Lost Day."

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