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Shi Liang

Shi Liang


  • Male
  • 183
  • 3-7
  • Chengdu, China
Shi Liang, born in Luzhou City, Sichuan Province, graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University, actor and host in mainland China. In 1995, Shi Liang took part in the movie "Patron Saint" in France, where she started performing. In 2001 starred in the suspense movie "to find guns". In 2002 starring character biography movie "CEO." In 2006 starring in the drama "Drug Heroes." In 2008 starred in the military emotional drama "the road overturned." In 2009, he began to host the documentary archives of Beijing Television Station. In the same year, the "Drug Detective Vanguard", a gun and cops and bandit drama starring in CCTV, aired on CCTV 8th set. 2010 starring in the story movie "Cockfight" release. In 2012, he hosted Anhui Satellite TV's reasoning program "Secret", starring in the same year the anti-Japanese spy war drama "The Great War", the TV drama "Salvation - Detox Diary". In 2015, he starred in drama "Love Impression" and in the same year participated in the drama "Prosecutor".

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