Ant-man 2: wasp woman shows up(Movie)[2018]
《Ant-man 2: wasp woman shows up》(Movie)[2018]
Ant-man 2: wasp woman shows up(Movie)[2018]

Ant-man 2: wasp woman shows up (Movie)[2018]

Area:The United StatesLanguage:English
Stars:Release data:2018
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre:Science fiction | Action | Adventure

《Ant-man 2: wasp woman shows up》Episodes

"Ant-man 2: the wasp woman shows up," which tells the story of how daddy got Scott Lang (played) to wear an ant-man costume instead of himself. But at the end of the movie,Han Ke · PiMuShe told her that her mother Janet was also a superhero, Wasp, who died on a mission. To protect his daughter, Dr. Pym refused to pass the ant man's suit to hope.Si out, LangWelcome to my dual role as a superhero and the father of my child. On the one hand, he tried to live a good life while carrying the duty of ant-man. On the other hand, the second generation wasp womanHope Van DaneDr Han Ke PiMu and Dr Han Ke PiMu conveyed to him an urgent new task. Scott had to put on his suit again and work with the wasp woman to solve puzzles from the past.

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