A Quiet Place(Movie)[2018]
《A Quiet Place》(Movie)[2018]
A Quiet Place(Movie)[2018]

A Quiet Place (Movie)[2018]

Area:United StatesLanguage:English
Stars:Release data:2018
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre:Terror

《A Quiet Place》Episodes

The movie Silent Lands tells the threat of human beings encountering mysterious creatures. These creatures will act according to the prey's voice, so people must buzz in their lives or they will be chased by mysterious creatures. The little girl slowly walks towards the cross of the bridge. Although the mysterious creatures did not appear, the ubiquitous scratches have already shown their fear. In order to survive, the family had to lay sand on the road, walk carefully and barefoot, and remain absolutely quiet in the game. Even prayer and communication can only rely on sign language. In spite of this, mysterious creatures continue to follow suit, and the silent world is full of suffocating and unpredictable killings.

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