The Meg(Movie)[2018]
《The Meg》(Movie)[2018]
The Meg(Movie)[2018]

The Meg (Movie)[2018]

Area:United StatesLanguage:English
Stars:Release data:2018
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre:Action | Horror | Science fiction

《The Meg》Episodes

The film speaks of an international research project led by China that is under attack by unknown creatures while researchers are trapped underwater. Former United States Marine Corps deep sea diving expert Jonas Taylor was ordered to rescue and once again suffered a prehistoric creature megalodon that left himself indelible memory for years in the deep ocean. Zhang SuYin, a Chinese female scientist in a joint scientific research project, successfully rescued the trapped. However, the rescue operation unexpectedly caused the giant tooth shark to flee the deep sea. When the prehistoric behemoth returns to the shallow sea, humans will pay a heavy price for their greed for nature ...

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