Nightingale (Movie)[2014]

Area: United States Language: English
Stars: Release data: 2014
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Drama


In 1921, Ai Wa and her sister, Ma GeDa, could not withstand the neon temptation of the bustling city, leaving for Poland to travel to New York to pan gold. Halfway through, Ma GeDa, unfortunate enough to suffer from tuberculosis that was then an incurable disease, was isolated by a doctor in a hospital on Ellis Island, partnered with brothers and sisters. After coming to New York City, Ai Wa discovered that everything here was far from fantastic. She unfortunately fell into the trap of Bu LuNuo and became a prostitute. Ai Wa's life is full of pain and humiliation, to meet again with her sister became the only faith in her heart. By accident, Ai Wa met the magician named Ao LanDuo, and kind Ao LanDuo let Ai Wa understand that he may be the only springboard to his new life. This caused the envy of Bu LuNuo, who accidentally mistreated him during a dispute with Ao LanDuo. Bu LuNuo finally help Ai Wa saw his sister, the sisters also left after the reunion of this sad, leaving only Bu LuNuo alone walked alone.

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